What’s The Office Without Carell?-tvso

The writers say it’s fine. The cast says they’re not worried. Steve Carrell himself says things will go on seamlessly.There’s just one minor hiccup in the plan – millions of fans are devastated. With Steve Carrell’s departure from The Office imminent now, there’s a growing apprehension among fans who believe that  Dunder Mifflin will never be the same without its head funnyman.

Carrell has opted not to renew his contract, saying “it’s time” for Michael’s character to retire and let someone else take the company (and comedy) in a different direction. But many of the show’s loyal followers have held true - despite up and down seasons - specifically because of the absurd, hilarious, and lovable eccentricities that Carrell’s character brought to the Mifflin crew. In his absence, options abound for how to distract fans from the gaping hole that he’ll leave…including shifting the show’s focus to a current character being the star instead of the boss. An interesting notion that leaves room for someone like Kelly or even Darryl (as some speculators have thrown out) to step into Michael’s awkward shoes, without bearing the pressure of living up to his legend.

As season 7 wraps up, the slow transition will unfold, allowing fans an ever-so-slight opportunity to get used to life without Dunder Mifflin’s biggest buffoon. And the show smartly makes it bitter-sweet with Michael and Holly so blissfully happy about getting married that you want them to move on and work out – but the sentiment is fleeting as the realization sinks in that their euphoria means no more of Carrell’s antics. So what’s the only thing to look forward to right now? By the end of the season, fans WILL know who his replacement will be, making for some interesting episodes in the meantime.

The bottom line: The Office will go on without Carrell, but how much longer can it really last? We know what Michael’s answer to that question would be – “That’s what she said.”

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