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When is Dr. Seuss Birthday? - TVStoreOnline

When is Dr. Seuss Birthday? | TV Store Online

Dr. Seuss was born on March 2,1904. Because of his great works in children’s literacy, that day has been named Read Across America Day by the National Education Association. When it falls on a Sunday as it did this year, it is celebrated on the 3rd.

This day is a fun day for elementary school children across the Nation as they wear the Cat in the Hat top hats and have Dr. Seuss-themed activities and parties all day long.

Some of the activities might include picking out your favorite Dr. Seuss quotes and making a book out of them. You could also sing Dr. Seuss songs, make your own story with nonsense rhyming words like Dr. Seuss did or even making Dr. Seuss crafts. It goes without saying that there will be reading of Dr. Seuss books done at some point throughout the day too.

If you have never read or heard any of the Dr. Seuss quotes, you really should look some up. Many of them are quite moral related and very true.

So, what will you be doing on Dr. Seuss birthday? Will you be throwing a party and spreading the joy of reading or will you sit quietly in a book nook with your favorite Dr. Seuss book with a plate of green eggs and ham?

Whatever you do with your day, think about this: Dr. Seuss was the favorite author for many of us growing up and he encouraged us to read and take an interest in it. If it wasn’t for him and people like him, where would you be today?

If you couldn’t read, how would you live? Work? Learn?

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