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Never has there been a show so alluring that dragged the audiences in and had them wanting more, than the way Breaking Bad had done so.

There’s no doubt or question in the minds of more than 99% of the people that watched the AMC hit television series Breaking Bad, that it’s not only the best show that has ever aired (personal opinions), but has totally changed television as well. Never has there been a show so alluring that dragged the audiences in and had them wanting more than the way Breaking Bad had done so. They captured things in such a way that made audiences drool for the next episode. There was simply a great deal of beauty in the show due to the way they connected the episodes together and built awesome suspense.

Shows in the past have been able to build a great deal of suspense heading into the next episode. Previous hit shows like 24 and The Wire did this pretty well and were successful as a result, but Breaking Bad took things to a new level and was so intelligent in the way that they connected characters across separate episodes that it was almost poetic. Despite the fact that the two main characters, Jesse and Walter were methamphetamine dealers who had committed multiple murders and were flat out, by all means, criminals by the general public's typical standards, they built such a connection with the audience that had you rooting for them at every turn. They both experienced such adversity throughout their lives and together they formed such a tumultuous and edgy bond that you couldn't help but hope that they succeeded. This was only bolstered by the fact that Walter's brother-in-law was the local drug enforcement agent and was on their trail the whole time, without knowing that he was true, in fact chasing his own brother-in-law.

The sheer intelligence of the show was portrayed in such a masterful way, while also dealing with extremely controversial topics. In fact, a lot of people probably would’ve told you that it wouldn’t have been successful if they didn’t break the ‘fourth wall’ so to speak. The brilliance started with Vince Gilligan and the cast backed it up by putting on an incredible performance throughout the entirety of the series, which went on to spark second highest rated show of all-time.

There’s a reason that Breaking Bad was so well received by everyone that watched it and it's currently ranked where it is. It’s because it was the most captivating, remarkably written and flawlessly executed television series in history.

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