Harvey Dent Two Face Coin

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Unsure which path to take? Make your own luck with this replica of the scarred, two-headed coin flipped by the villainous Two-Face in "The Dark Knight." One head is pristine, indicating you should do the right thing. The other head is hideously burnt, requiring you to let your dark side loose. It's perfect for Halloween costumes and comic conventions. Harvey Dent would suggest you order two!

  • This is a reproduction of the coin used in the movie.
  • The front and back are both heads, but one side looks scratched and burned.
  • The second image is a screen shot of the actual coin used in "The Dark Knight".
  • The Coin was reproduced from a real 1922 silver dollar. It is the same size.
  • Made of Pewter Metal.
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Harvey Dent
Awesome Replica

I bought this coin and was very pleased with it. It is a perfect replica of the one used in the movie.

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