Captain America Fleece Zip Hoodie and Backpack

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Disguise your self as America's favorite super hero Captain America. Our officially-licensed Captain America Fleece Zip Hoodie and Backpack doubles as a warm fleece hoodie, but also as a cool Captain America halloween costume. Okay, it actually triples as something as well. It's a hoodie, a costume, and also a super cool Captain American shield backpack as well. You can fight the Red Baron as Steve Rodgers turned into Captain American when you wear this awesome Captain America hoodie, Captain America costume, and Captain America shield backpack.

  • This sublimated full zip fleece hoodie features an attached pack which the hoodie can fold into and become a backpack as well!
  • Material: 60% Cotton / 40% Polyester
  • Fit: Standard Men's
  • Officially Licensed

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Customer Reviews

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Sharon Kerekes
Cap America

The kids loved them!

Andrew H.
It's well worth the closeout sale price

I got two of these on closeout, one for myself and the other as a holiday gift. The first time I put mine on, the zipper didn't work, it was fragile and took multiple attempts to get bits at the bottom to lock together properly.

Pros -
It's really colorful

You'll get a lot of compliments when wearing it

It's comfortable to wear and I have laid down a few times wearing it. I was worried the back zipper and straps for the backpack would be noticeable and painful while laying on my back, but I never even felt them.

Cons -
It's thin and not very warm.

I wear an XL and this one runs small. I worry how much it will shrink when washed.

There's loose/untied threads in multiple places, along with several exposed and not evenly cut fabric edges. I've attached pictures with a few examples.

The zipper on the front is light duty and fragile.

This is a good hoodie for minor cosplay, but I don't believe it would survive daily use. The hood/mask is a cool idea, but there's no way to put on the hood without it either bunched up on top of your forehead or fully wearing it. Having it designed in a way that would allow for either mask on or off when the hood is up would make this hoodie more useful. It's raining a little, I need to keep the rain off my head, not pretend I'm an avenger.

Strangely the "backpack" on the back (the shield) has a much more robust zipper than the one on the front. I'm going to use the front zip 10x more than the backpack one, so they kinda missed the ball on making the more used one also the more robust.

Its kinda awkward to give the other one I got as a gift after wearing mine. I feel it necessary to not only explain all the cool features, but at the same time also warn of the weak points I've identified.

If you need a hoodie for cosplay or a quick Halloween consume, this is a great choice at the closeout price! If you're getting this as a daily or long term item to wear when it's cold or outside, I would not recommend it. It might also be a good idea to buy one size larger than you usually do.

Both hoodies I received have similar build quality and craftsmanship.

nicholas garcia

Captain America Fleece Zip Hoodie and Backpack

Punit Kedia
Never received a package and stopped reining respond

Looks like the money went to black hole.

Jennifer Chen
Wonderful products!

Such quality products. Very well made.

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