Ricky Bobby Driver Deluxe Jumpsuit and Hat Halloween Costume Cosplay

SKU: 220918-WonderBreadJumpsuit-S

Size: S
Sale price$68.95


Ricky Bobby fans that desire to be be behind the wheel this Halloween season will love this officially-licensed Talladega Nights Halloween cosplay costume. Costume includes everything a fan needs to become everyone's favorite stock car racing comedy king.

  • Includes 1 Ricky Bobby Driver Deluxe Jumpsuit it also includes his iconic matching hat. Does not include anything else.
  • This fun costume features a slick one piece deluxe jumpsuit to make it really feel like you're a NASCAR driver. Comes with a matching hat that is adjustable.
  • Our Halloween Costumes are all made from the best materials and are available unisex in an Adult Standard sizes S-2XL in men's. Our costumes are fun, warm, comfortable, and unforgettable.
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shaun alexander

brilliant costume. we were the hit of the party.

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