Jawas Space Wars Alien Cloak with LED Mask Halloween Costume Cosplay

SKU: 220933-JawasCloakLEDMask-L-XL

Size: L/XL
Sale price$69.95


Return to Tatooine this Halloween season and impress every Star Wars fan that you come across when you show up to your next Halloween party or your next comic con dressed as a Jawa! Fans of the original Star Wars trilogy can never forget Luke Skywalker's infamous encounter with a nasty group of Jawas and their sand barge. This high-quality and screen-accurate Jawas Halloween costume will turn a lot of heads when people see you wearing it at comic con this year.

  • Includes 1 Jawas Space Wars Alien Cloak with LED Mask, also comes with Two Hanging Holsters. Does not include anything else.
  • This Features 1 Jawas Space Wars Alien Cloak with Two Hanging Holsters. Features a Light Up LED Mask.
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customer reviews

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really good jawa missing a few things

the jawa costume is really nice the material is really good but i was missing a few patches/things for the sash

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