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Ugly Holiday Sweaters Are All the Rage (

“There’s certainly a hipster trend contributing to it,” said Fred Hajjar, president of TV Store Online and UglyChristmasSweater. “The tackier the better, the more lights and bells and overall ugliness. You see celebrities like Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Kanye West and Cee Lo Green caught in ugly Christmas sweaters, and it’s almost like, ‘Oh, no they didn’t.’ ”


Secret Sales (

With Dr. Seuss' 108 birthday this month, TV Store Online has a huge selection of Dr. Seuss nostalgia tees and costumes. Shipping is $5.95 and free on orders over $60.

Good Morning America

Save Big With 'GMA's Secrets Deals and Steals for Totally Awesome '80s Week! (

TV Store Online has dozens of TV show, video game and movie T-shirts for fans of all ages. Choose from 64 designs, including SAVE FERRIS, Top Gun, Breakfast Club and many more.

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The best gifts out there for TV fanatics (

TV Store Online has dozens of TV show, video game and movie T-shirts for fans of all ages. Choose from 64 designs, including SAVE FERRIS, Top Gun, Breakfast Club and many more.

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A thing of ugliness is a joy forever (

And a Ho Ho Huh? to TV Store Online, which "has just launched Ugly Christmas Sweaters, the go-to source for all your ugly Christmas sweater needs."

Halloween’s Costume Spotlight: Tank Dresses From TV Store Online! (

Why not check the TV Store Online, as it recently launched its sexy tank dress costumes? The collection is aimed at ladies who want to dress up for the holiday while looking great and without spending a bundle. The fun dresses are perfect for your simple Halloween costume, also for events like group outings and theme parties.

The 5 Best Websites for ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Merch ( - We also like to give the hotties on the show some love. So we can’t wait to buy the “I Love Caleb” tee ($17.95.), even though he totally broke Hanna’s heart and we still don’t forgive him for it. Hmph.

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The TV Store Online Tank Dresses are Creatively Sassy (

Most Halloween lovers are dying to find that perfect costume, and the TV Store Online tank dresses are the ideal fresh, sassy and budget-friendly solution. This exclusive collection is for the ladies who want to stand out and look fantastic without becoming broke.

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Weird Christmas Gifts: Zombie Killers, Breathalyzer Key Chains, Superman Socks (

This adult version of the humiliating bunny suit Ralphie wore in “A Christmas Story” will give you pop culture bonafides at the office party and make you very popular at the next Furry convention.

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Daddy Dearest: Show him some love for under $50 (

It’s tough to buy clothes for Dad, but you can do it risk-free by giving him a cool shirt representing his favorite movie or show. TV Store Online has loads of clever, high-quality tees, and most of them are less than $20. 


You’re Going to Want This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shell Backpack (

This has to be the coolest piece of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles merchandise that I’ve seen so far. When I first got the chance to review this backpack, I thought it would be just for small kids. But I was quite surprised when it arrived in the mail. It’s grown-up sized! It even looks appropriate on my 5’10″ boyfriend! 

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Giveaway: Win a 'Star Trek' prize pack! (

After months (years?) of waiting, Star Trek Into Darkness finally lands in theaters this week. In honor of the crew's return, I'm offering special Trek-themed prizes to one Pop Candy reader. Enter now for a chance to win cool items from TV Store Online: a set of Star Trek socks and a "Live Long and Prosper" hoodie, which doesn't officially go on sale until June.