Chocolate Factory Owner Deluxe Complete Set Halloween Costume Cosplay

SKU: 220910-WillyWonkaCostume-S

Size: S
Sale price$99.95


If you're one of the lucky Golden Ticket winners this year and have decided to dress as everyone's favorite eccentric candy maker from the 1960s, then this Willy Wonka adult cosplay costume or Willy Wonka adult Halloween costume is what you've been looking for. Fans of the late, great Gene Wilder will appreciate just how screen-accurate this Wonka character Halloween costume actually is this upcoming season when it's important to not just look your best, but look fashionable.

  • Hand Wash
  • Only Includes an adult Halloween costume Jacket, ruffled cuff button down shirt, white gloves, sleeveless vest, ruffled necktie collar, and a top hat. Does not include anything else.
  • As seen in the popular chocolate movie.
  • Our Halloween Costumes are all made from the best materials and are available unisex in an Adult Standard Fit sizes ranging from S - 2XL. Our costumes are fun, warm, comfortable, and unforgettable.
  • Regardless of whether you're looking for the future Halloween costume to wear to your next Halloween party, our Halloween Costume are very fun, engaging and will not disappoint.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Luke R
Wonka costume great!

Great quality at a good price. Above par!

Kostiantyn Mosendz
Good quality

I was very impressed with a quality! We got so used to pretty low quality costumes, but this one is very decent. We’ll see how it handles the party.

Amazing quality

Worth every penny, the quality is outstanding and fit perfectly.

Alejandra Ortiz
Amazing quality

Great quality fast shipment!

J. Dugan

I looked at several Willie Wonka costumes online, most of them around $45-$50, and discovered that they're all very cheaply made - mostly just a fabric shroud with sleeves - the "vest" in most of these cheap costumes is just a printed piece of fabric sewn inside the front of the jacket. This costume that I bought cost twice as much as the cheap ones, but it's actual clothes that you can actually wear and do things in. Not exceptional quality clothing, but at least REAL clothing. The hat was a bit small front-to-back, but wore and looked fine if I set it on top of my head instead of down where it gave a firm grip. The tie is a little smaller than the one in the movie, but is big enough for people to recognize the costume as Willie Wonka. I tend to be on the border between small and medium for shirts. I ordered a medium costume and it fit well enough that I didn't need to send it back. The sleeves were a little long but not too long really. I imagine a small would also have fit, if a little more snugly.

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