National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Clark's Dinosaur Pajama Set

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Fans of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation will appreciate these Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation character pajamas as seen in the movie. When Clark wakes up and goes up in the attic to watch old childhood movies and gets locked instead, these Christmas Vacation pajamas are all he has on to keep him warm. If you're the world's biggest fan of Christmas Vacation then you'll really love these officially-licensed Christmas Vacation ugly Christmas pajamas. These Clark Griswold pajamas are not only perfect for the holiday season they'll also the perfect Clark Griswold cosplay outfit! These Clarks pajamas Christmas Vacation ugly Christmas sweater merch will not disappoint. These Christmas Vacation Dinosaur Pajamas are super fun!

  • 100% Polyester
  • Includes pants and top pajama set
  • Officially Licensed Clark Griswold Dinosaur Pajamas.
  • Standard Fit

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Customer Reviews

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Karen Hourigan
MY Sparky’s Dino PJ’s

I bought these pajamas as an early Christmas gift for my husband. “Christmas Vacation” has been a family tradition in our home for as long as I can remember, and all of us—three adult children included—can’t watch it without reciting our favorite lines. We even recall them at various points during the year when little things remind us of one of the characters (Margo, Todd, and Eddie are among our favorites). We have all looked at Clark’s pj’s and loved the absurdity of them, so this year, I was bound and determined to find them. I figured that they would be chintzy and cheap—a flimsy gimmick—and really only planned on them as something to look at. But not only did we both love the look of them, but the comfort: My husband didn’t want to take them off!
Well done. We’re very happy.

Very pleased with this.

Good for the price. I get extra 15% OFF Coupon from here:

Holli Benson
Not Officially Licensed

Pretty sure I saw these advertised as “officially licenses” but they are not. Very soft fabric. Dino’s look rather kiddish/cartoonish. Was gonna send them back but account of their softness think I’ll still gift them as intended.

Laurie Millward
These are perfect!

Every year I get my brother something from the movie, and I cannot wait to see his face this year!

Kayleigh D.

My boyfriend has wanted a pair of these pajamas, but was never able to find them. I surprised him with them on Christmas and he was thrilled! They are incredibly soft and fit him perfectly. They fit true to size and he says they’re very comfy. Definitely recommend for anyone who is a Christmas Vacation fan!

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