Punk Rock UK Band Pistols Ransom Christmas Sweater

SKU: 210307-SexPistolsSweater-S

Size: S
Sale price$59.95


This year we're making punk chic! Fans of the legendary punk rockers the Pistols will love this fun, soft, comfortable, and stylish homage to punk London and it's iconic musical troublemakers. Wearing this sweater won't give you the attitude of Johnny Rotten or Sid Vicious,but it will show everyone how much you love the Pistols and how important their music is to your life. Make Christmas really crazy this year, when you take this Pistols ugly Christmas sweater and cut off its arms, bobby pin them back on and spray paint an anarchy symbol on the back of it. Now, that's a truly ugly Christmas sweater to wear to your next holiday party!

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