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Are you planning your Halloween costume already and you want to make sure that it's the best at the party? You want something unique yet something that you like. You want to stand out at the Halloween 2017 party, but you have yet to decide on a costume. Whether Halloween is a truly special date for you or you want to dress to impress with your costume, coming up with the perfect one for you can take time and focus, not to mention the possible work of putting one together.

It can be difficult to choose from the vast array of possibilities, so to help you with ideas, we have compiled some of the  best movie costumes imaginable. Some of them will be easy for others to recognize, while some may be the favorites of cult classic fanatics. Either way, with these costumes, you will be sure to impress. If you want to make sure that you do the characters justice, why not watch the films before putting your outfit together?

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If you like  DC Comics, you may consider Batman to be one of the best. Not only is he an iconic superhero, but let's be honest, his outfit is the best-looking one. There are plenty of ways to show up as Batman and best of all, it's an easy yet charming costume to wear.

Of course, the Batman films have many more characters to choose from. From the Joker to Bane, there are plenty of incredible characters to dress up for Halloween when you choose Batman as your theme. If you're meeting with friends, you can always each choose a character from your favorite Batman film and be a memorable sight for a Halloween that won't be forgotten.

2. Borat

If you like to stand out and be different, especially when it comes to your  Halloween costume, a fabulous idea for you is a Borat costume. Whether you choose his iconic bright-green bathing suit or you go for a less obvious outfit with a suit and mustache, you will be sure to make people laugh and even more so if you can imitate his persona.

Borat is a movie that makes people laugh and that definitely is for those with a great sense of humor, so if you are in a mood to have fun, party, and play around, Borat is the perfect costume for you.

3. Dodgeball

Who wouldn't want to dress up in a Ben Stiller costume for Halloween? The Vince Vaughn movie probably had you laughing and maybe just a bit inspired. Best of all, your funny costume may not even be easily recognized except by a few  Dodgeball movie fans, making it a fun yet mysterious Halloween costume for those who like to do things differently. An iconic 80's look is always fun for a Halloween party.

If you're going with a friend, why not dress like Peter Pete La Fleur and  White Goodman? Easy, fun, clean, and a fantastic duo to impersonate.

4. Napoleon Dynamite

This has to be one of the most sought-after Halloween costumes ever and also one of the simplest ones to put together. All you need is a t-shirt that says Vote For Pedro and some aviator glasses and you have a great costume for Halloween.

Those who love  Napoleon Dynamite will spot your outfit right away and you won't have to worry about doing a costume change to get more comfortable. Napoleon Dynamite wears the comfortable look well and so should you. Also, it gives you an excuse to avoid talking to anyone or at least looking them in their eyes, if you happen to be somewhat of an introvert.


5. Karate Kid

Why not go old school with some  Karate Kid? Besides, it is a simple costume to put together and don't forget the comfort. You won't have to worry about wanting to change out of your costume in the middle of a party, because you will probably be the most comfortable person there. Just be careful with your karate moves

Whether you go for a  skeleton Karate Kid outfit or simple Karate wear, you'll be paying tribute to one of the most iconic movies ever.

6. Suicide Squad

Are you a group of friends deciding on what to wear for Halloween? A fun and unique theme could be the Suicide Squad. There are plenty of characters to choose from. If it's just you, pick your favorite  Suicide Squad character and have some fun. An all-time favorite would be Harley Quinn, although any one of the Suicide Gang will catch people's attention. Because it's a recent movie, a Suicide Squad Halloween costume is an excellent idea.

7. Transformers

We won't tell anyone that you are a big fan of  Transformers and being able to pull off that costume is actually a very respectful feat, so go ahead and pick your favorite character and have some fun. Whatever Transformer you choose, its sure to be a favorite costume among other Transformer fans. Transformer may not be everybody's type of movie, but there is no doubt that it is one of the best of its genre and is certainly entertaining.

8. Thor

Are you looking for a superhero to dress up as, but are at a lost as to who? How about  Thor? Not only is he one of most people's favorites, but it sure will be fun to carry around his hammer for a party. Apart from Batman, Thor has one of the coolest outfits around, so you will be sure to look good in this fascinating Halloween costume.

Whether you are blessed in the muscle department or you want to appear like you are, the Thor outfit is sure to make you look as buff as Thor. Go ahead and get in character to impress, because you can be sure that Thor will be both a fun and fascinating character to impersonate.

9. Star Wars

Star Wars is an iconic movie that never runs out of style, which means that dressing like any of your favorite characters won't either. That's one of the great things about Star Wars-it's full of plenty of characters to choose from. Most costumes are easy to put together and with the recent Star Wars movie, you have even more ideas to try out.

There is hardly a person who hasn't seen Star Wars and hardly anyone who doesn't like watching it. If you are going to a party with friends or dressing up with your family to trick or treat, why not all dress up as Star Wars characters? Go all out with your costume and pay tribute to one of the most incredible film stories ever made. If you want to do something different, you can even dress up as George Lucas, the mastermind behind one of film history's biggest success stories. You will be sure to be a hit, no matter the Halloween occasion.

10. Maleficent

A very fun and exciting costume to use would be that of Maleficent. Not only is her character an incredibly complex one in the movie, but the makeup and look of Maleficent will definitely be fun to imitate. It's the ideal costume for someone who wants to show up looking a bit creepy yet still beautiful.

Whether you make the costume yourself or you find one to purchase, dressing up as Maleficent can be a fun way to let your inner dark side out-don't worry, it's Halloween, we're sure no one will mind. The great thing about dressing up as Maleficent is that it will be fun to come up with the different parts of the outfit and do that smoky-eye makeup look that suits Angelina Jolie so well.


Wearing costumes from your favorite m ovies for Halloween 2017 is a great idea. Not only will you have something to talk about, but you may find other people who share your love for film and these iconic characters. From Batman to Maleficent, you can be sure these characters are anything but boring.

While some may take more work than others, you can be sure that putting together the costume is just one part of the fun. Go all out and enjoy the process, because Halloween only comes once a year. This list includes some of the most iconic movies of all time, as well as characters that are just plain fun to be for Halloween 2017. What are your favorite movies and can you think of any characters from them that you would like to dress up as?

From Clockwork Orange and Pulp Fiction to Hulk and the Avengers, movies bring us remarkable characters that have become some of our favorites. Halloween is a great time to have fun with our favorite movie characters. You can be sure that bringing them to life will be a lot of fun. Get in character and have fun.

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