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1980's costumes for Halloween

The most beautiful period to live in was the 80s. If you are looking to have  Halloween costumes based on the 80s, you will be spoilt for choice. There are plenty of musicians, fads, characters, and movies from which to choose. Whether you want something refined, creepy, or fun, you will always find a costume. Here are some of the ideas that we think should help you find the right 80s costume for Halloween.

1. Animal House

Animal house was one of the most iconic films to come out of the 80s. It is a story of a bunch of college rabble-rousers that had as much fun as they could while in college. The characters in the movie are a great inspiration for Group Halloween costumes. If you are a group of friends, you can each choose a character that you like for Halloween. However, if you are alone, you can still choose Animal House, as long as you like one of the characters from the movie.

2. Caddyshack

The older gentlemen at Bushwood Country Club had just about had it with the wild antics of Al Cervick and the rest of wild bunch. If you would like to dress up as him for Halloween, you are more than welcome to do so. Alternatively, you could also choose to go as one of the grumpy gentlemen from the movie. Whichever your choice, it will be a great way to impress your friends, especially those from the 80s. It is, even more fun if you dress up as the gang from  Caddyshack with your buddies.

3. Rocky

If you are a major fan of the Italian Stallion, Halloween is a great time for you to show your love for Rocky Balboa. Whether you are a young  Rocky or an old warhorse that grew up in the era of Rocky, you can always find a costume. You can choose to either wear the classic rock hood and hat or wear the cool looking Rocky Balboa robe and boxing shorts. Whichever option you choose, make sure to have fun with it.

4. Goonies

A big reason why the  Goonies are so much fun to dress up for Halloween is that each character has their unique attributes that are helpful to the gang. However, no doubt that Chunk is the gooniest of the Goonies. If you and a bunch of friends would like to channel your inner Goonies, dressing up for Halloween is awesome. Besides dressing up like them, you can all decide to remain in character as the Goonies for the whole of the Halloween celebrations. The best part about Goonies costumes is that they work great for both kids and adults.

5. Superman

No doubt, Superman is one of the most iconic superheroes to come out of the 80s. He represents everything good that kids would aspire to be. However, the  Superman costume has evolved quite a lot over the years. If you would like to channel the 80's Superman, you will need to ensure you get the costume just right. His most recognizable features are his bright red cape and shorts. This costume works great for adults, kids, and people of all genders. If you are feeling heroic, the Superman costume is an excellent way to channel your inner superhero.

6. Hulk Hogan

No doubt,  Hulk Hogan is one of the most recognizable wrestlers from the 80's. He is also probably one of the most likeable pro wrestlers of all time. From his Hulkamania days to the end of his career as a wrestler, Hulk Hogan always manages to inspire. If you would like to channel your inner Hulk Hogan, then consider dressing up as him this Halloween. You can even practice a few of one-liners just to complete the Hulk Hogan theme of your Halloween costume.

7. The Shining

If you have a friend, you can go to a Halloween party dressed as the tow creepy twin from The Shining. It is probably one of the scariest movies of all times. It airs quite a lot around Halloween. All you need are two matching dresses and some eye makeup to get that dark look. If you and your friend do not have shoulder length hair, you can always buy some wigs. Make sure to hold hands and act creepy if you want people to recognize you.

8. Workout Girl

Workout outfits from the 80's were quite fun. Putting your leotard over you leggings is just part of the process. Ensure you mix and match as many bright colors as possible. The use of neon was quite popular at the time. To complete the look, get yourself a neon headband. If you are feeling cold on Halloween, throw on brightly colored shorts and an over-sized sweater to finish the look. When you get to the Halloween party, take off the sweater. You will be immediately recognizable as an 80's workout girl.

9. Stranger Things

Stranger Things may be a current show, but it has many 80's throwback materials that you can work with for your costume. You can choose to dress up as eleven or one of her other cool sidekicks that help her in her journey. Whichever look you choose, be sure to do it all as a group.

10. The Wonder Years

It was an 80's show set in the 70's. However, the fashion from that era was so similar, nobody will notice. You can decide to dress up as Winnie Cooper, who was a famous character during that period.

11. Back to the Future

If you are feeling nostalgic, take a trip back in time just like  Marty Mcfly. There are so many costume options from which to choose with this look. The most iconic of this is, of course, the orange sleeveless jacket that Marty wore. If you wear that cap, you will manage to pull off this iconic look. You can practice a few iconic lines from the movie just to complete the look.

12. The Breakfast Club

This show is yet another  iconic 80s movie with many options from which to choose. You can channel your inner Clair with her 'princess' look which includes a frilly, light earth tone top and suede boots. Alternatively, you can choose to be Alice, who loves to dress in all black. You can also channel Brian with his long sleeved black shirt, shiny dress shoes, and tan slacks. Additionally, you can choose to be Andrew the athlete or John, the tough guy. To complete the look, look for a group of your friends who grew up in the era and dress up as the whole crew. No doubts you will get a few nods here and there from diehard fans of this 80s show.

13. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is the greatest living legend to play in the NBA. He pushed basketball to standards that were unimaginable at the time. If you are feeling like honouring Michael Jordan and the game of basketball, you can dress up as him. To achieve this classic 80s Jordan look, you will need to dress in his Chicago Bulls uniform written Jordan at the back. Besides that, you need to wear some knee-high white socks and some Air Jordan 1's. If that is not enough, you even carry a real basketball with you. If you are a kid, this could be a great way for you to get extra candy.

14. Prince

Prince is one of the most iconic musicians to come out of the 80s. His music had a hold on people that few other musicians from the era were able to achieve. Though he is gone, you can still honour his memory if you choose his electric look to a Halloween party. To get the look right, ensure you get a wig of curly hair and a lookalike guitar. It does not have to work; it just needs to resemble the one Prince used. Besides that, ensure that you wear a lot of purple outfits. Most people who knew Prince associate him with purple.

15. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson ruled much of the music scene with the release of Thriller in the 80s. If you would love to channel your inner Michael Jackson, the look he had for Thriller is the way to go. Look for a red leather jacket with as many zippers as possible. Besides that, look for some red pants, white socks, and some black pointy boots. Do not forget to roll up your sleeves and pull off a few dance moves from the Thriller songs. It will be an entertaining night for you. If you can obtain a curly wig, then buy it. Do not forget to talk in a high-pitched voice and appear mysterious throughout the night.

16. The 80s Madonna

Madonna was one of the biggest acts of the 80s. Her star truly shone during that era, and it continues to shine up to this day. If you would like to channel your 80s Madonna, anything wild and unconventional will do. Wear some pointy bras, some neon shades, brightly coloured armbands, and some black boots. Most of all do not forget to chew gum and try to use your best British accent. Most people from that era will immediately recognize your Madonna look.

17. Freddie Mercury

As great as Prince and MJ were, Freddie Mercury was one of the best rocks stars of the 80's. Pulling off the Freddie Mercury look should be quite easy. If you can access a piano and a white jumpsuit, you are halfway there. You will also need to have some sleek black hair, a jean jacket, and a white tank top. Do not forget the thick black moustache. If you don a pair of shades, that would also help with the look. Remember to tilt back your head a bit and walk as if you are somebody famous. Old timers will immediately recognize you. If you are a kid, you may get more candy.

18. 80's Trump

Trump was quite popular in the 80's. He was a regular on the talk shows and liked to share his opinion on everything. To pull off this look, you will need a suit and a skinny tie. You will also need some bouffy hair and a blond woman by your side. To pull off this look, squint your eyes a bit and purse your lips. Smile a lot and point at everyone for no good reason. You will kill it at the Halloween party.

19. Gremlins

The best way to dress up for Halloween is like the scary  Gremlins for the 80s. It is quite easy to pull off this look. All you need is some paint, probably green, and some big year extensions. Any lovers of the movie will immediately recognize the classic gremlin look. To refine your look, spend some time watching the Gremlins film. You may even pick up a few lines that you can use during Halloween night. Do not forget to talk in a deep raspy voice and walk a bit funny to complete the look.

20. Bon Jovi

Fewer individuals can remind you of the 80's as unmistakably as Bon Jovi can. If you are looking for that authentic 80's look, just channel Bon Jovi. He had some of the most outlandish costumes of his time. To complete this look, look for a wig, a t-shirt with a v cut into it and remember to smile.


If you have been wondering how to pull off an 80s inspired look for Halloween, you should now have more than ideas to do so. Choose any of the above, and you will succeed.

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