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Who sings The Big Bang Theory theme song?

The well-known Theme Song for CBS's The Big Bang Theory is sung by the popular Canadian-based band Barenaked Ladies. The band was asked to contribute the song to the hit CBS Show by the Big Bang Theory show creator, Chuck Lorre, after he attended their concert in Los Angeles in 2007. 

The band was the first artist asked by the show's creator to create the theme song, and on October 9th, 2007 a full-length version of the song was released commercially on iTunes. While some fans of Big Bang Theory call the song "History of Everything," the commercially-released single identified it as "Big Bang Theory Theme." A music video for the song featuring clips from the show and the band Barenaked Ladies was created and can be found on The Complete Fourth Season DVD box set of the series.

The song was written by Barenaked Ladies singer Ed Robertson, and it's also featured in its full-length, one minute forty-five second version, on the most recent greatest hits compilation of the band. In 2015, the Big Bang Theory Theme was involved in a lawsuit case between Robertson and a former band member of the Barenaked Ladies over royalties associated with the theme song itself. The song has, arguably, become one of the most beloved and well-remembered television series theme songs of recent years.

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