2B Perfectly Honest revolves around two entrepreneurs, Frank and Josh, who are down on their luck, having just closed up shop. Frank however has a vision of using "vacant" websites as an advertising platform, which he dubs Web boards. Shopping this idea around, he eventually finds financial benefactors, only to later suspect that his company is now being used as a holding company for a money laundering scheme.

Released in 2004, 2B Perfectly Honest does a good job in portraying the somewhat-gloomy post dot-com crash ethos. It wasn't clear where the internet was going and many were still convinced it was still a fad. This was before social media, still in its early rudimentary form had caught on and publishers were still looking to banner ads to try and replace revenue they were losing in the print realm.

The plot itself is simple but entertaining. The unlikely business partners come off as over-the-top mobster cliches. At some points in their dialogue you'd half expect Frank Rizzo to make an appearance.

2BPerfectlyHonest debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival where it was a major success. The film is available online on places like Amazon Video.

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