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Shirts. We all have them; we all wear them. However, we don't give much thought to them after putting them on in the mornings. This article will tell you everything you never knew you wanted to know about shirts.

What Can I Do With My Old Shirts?

When our favorite t-shirts wear out, we throw them in the trash. If it is a much loved shirt that we can't stand to throw out, we might stick it in a drawer and never look at it again. However, those are not your only options. There are many different DIY projects for old shirts.

Still want to wear your  t-shirt? No problem! Some strategic cutting and knot tying can turn your favorite old band t-shirts into stylish scarves or jewelry. Some creative wrapping can turn a t-shirt into a head scarf. Make a fringe skirt or a braided belt to accessorize your favorite pair of jeans.

Have a furry best friend running around the house? Use your old shirts to make an easy-to-build cat cave that requires no cutting or sewing. Make some cat toys filled with catnip. You can even make an upcycled doggy t-shirt or a stylish collar for your favorite furry friend. Check out's "50 Ways to Repurpose an Old T-Shirt" article for more fun ideas.

How Do I Tie-Dye My T-shirts?

For all the intricacies of their designs, tie-dyed shirts are easy to make. All it requires are some rubber bands and some dye. There are several different patterns of tie-dye, but the easiest is the crumpled look. Simply crumple up your shirt - the messier, the better. Then use as many rubber bands as you'd like, putting them on the shirt in any way that you choose. Dunk your  shirt in your various dyes and voila! Once it is unrumpled and hung to dry, you will have a beautiful tie-dyed shirt.

How Do I Fold A Shirt?

To some of us, this may seem like a very silly question, but some people never learn to properly fold a shirt. Folding t-shirts is simple. People fold their t-shirts in different ways, and any way you choose to do it is just fine. My method is to first fold the shirt bottom to top, then left to right so that the sleeves are both on the left side. Then fold the sleeves underneath the shirt and fold it top to bottom once more. It makes a nice, perfect rectangle.

For button-down shirts, the folding can be trickier. Start by buttoning the top button and laying the shirt face down. Smooth out any wrinkles; then fold one-third of the left side, folding the sleeve neatly upwards. Do the same to the right-hand side of the  shirt. Then fold the bottom third of the shirt towards the top twice. You will have a perfectly folded shirt with few wrinkles.

If all else fails, never discount the merits of hanging them in the closet instead!

How Do I Make A Shirt On Roblox?

To make a shirt on Roblox, you must first be a paying member of the Builders Club. Then go to the Roblox shirt template page and upload the template for your shirt. Save the uploaded file and open it again in a photo-editing program. Edit the template to your own tastes and save it.

After you have saved your shirt the way you want it, go back to the Roblox main page and click on the "Create" tab. If prompted, click on the "Continue to Create Page" button. Click "Create a Shirt," then "Shirts," and then "Browse." This will allow you to find your template. After clicking "Open," you will need to name your shirt and upload it using the "Upload" button. After this, you can do with it as you please.

How Do I Shrink A Shirt?

Shrinking a shirt, especially a cotton shirt, is simple. Simply heat a large pot of water to boiling and submerge your shirt in it. You can leave the  shirt submerged for twenty minutes, longer if you need it shrunk more, before removing it carefully and drying it. Be careful of the boiling water; do not get burned, and do not let a child attempt this.

How Do I Remove Deodorant Stains From My Shirts?

There are several products you can buy to remove deodorant stains from your shirts, but don't feel like you have to spend a lot of money. You can make your own cleaner with items already in your house: a half cup of baking soda, a lemon, some salt, a couple of aspirin, laundry detergent, and some hot water. For the exact instructions, see this article on eHow.

How Do I Pack My Dress Shirts?

The best way to transport your dress  shirts is via a hanger and a garment bag; however, if that is not an option, fold your shirts neatly in the manner outlined above and pack it gently in your luggage. You can also use the rolled shirt method, but I find that leaves my shirts with more wrinkles than I'd like.

How Do I Remove Sweat Stains From My Colored Shirts?

Again, there are many products you can purchase to remove sweat stains from your colored shirts; however, you can save your money and clean your shirts with a mixture of water and white vinegar. Fill a bucket with cool water and a cup of vinegar and let the shirt soak in the mixture for thirty minutes. Afterwards, wash your shirt as you normally would.

How Do I Get Yellow Stains Out Of My White Shirts?

You can easily take the yellow stains out of your shirt with a simple homemade mixture. Mix equal parts baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and water. A fourth cup of each will suffice for a single shirt. Rub the mixture onto the stains with a bristle brush or toothbrush and let the mixture sit there for thirty minutes. Wash your shirt normally.

How Do I Get Grease Stains Out Of My Shirts?

You can Google this topic, and I am sure that a hundred different pages would pop up with a hundred different remedies for grease stains. As a mom and as someone who loves greasy, Southern food, I am here to tell you that nothing works better than Dawn dishwashing detergent. I have tried many different products and even made cleaners of my own, but nothing tops Dawn. Simply remove your shirt, put some Dawn directly on the grease spot, wet a toothbrush, and scrub. Afterwards, throw your shirt in the washer, dry it, and your shirt will look as good as new.

I hope that you have enjoyed this article about shirts. Hopefully you even learned a thing or two. Thanks for stopping by!