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This season of 30 Rock has proved that good writing, good acting, and brilliant fresh faces combine well to create an everlasting TV environment that continues to make fun happen. In seasons past you might have questioned its longevity, but whatever reason this season feels fresh in a way that provides hope for all those die hard 30 Rock fans hoping for a ten-year run.

The newest addition to the show that should prove to bring even funnier is that quirky, fun-loving, and hipster cute Kristen Schaal. Most people will recognize her from her awkward stalking of the guys on Flight of the Concords. She also has some pretty great voice-over work in movies like Toy Story 3 and Shrek Forever After, or TV shows like Bob’s Burgers. She’s also stolen scenes in guest appearances on hit shows like Modern Family, and How I Met Your Mother. She even graced the small screen in an episode of Mad Men. She kills her parts in movies like Get Him to the Greek, Dinner for Schmucks, and the newest Muppets movie.

Now she’ll have a character arc on 30 Rock, which seems like a perfect fit given the tone of the show and the comedic female voice that Tina Fey constantly knocks out of the park.

She plays a page that rivals the beloved and naive Kenneth (Jack McBrayer). This is also a perfect match for her, as she’s great at exuding awkward confidence that seems to stem from complete ignorance in her characters. Schaal has commented in the Hollywood Reporter that her favorite show is 30 Rock, and she was so nervous on the set that she fears she was talking way too loud.

One thing she doesn’t have to fear being on the show 30 Rock is a guest star being ignored or thrown aside in future episodes. 30 Rock is notorious for ongoing side characters that seem to be gone forever, only to show up just a few episodes later. Will Arnett’s recurring role provides a great back and forth with Alec Baldwin’s Jack character. The guy who is now the “Mayhem Guy” for Allstate, and of course also plays Johnny Gavin on Rescue Me, was a great recurring boyfriend for Liz Lemon beginning in Season One. It will be interesting to see what 30 Rock does with Kristen Schaal in future episodes. I think she’s a perfect fit for the show.

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