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I Love Lucy is one of the most iconic and recognized TV Show in the history of television. Regardless of a person’s age or generation, they know what you are talking about when you say those three words – I Love Lucy. The show’s popularity is due to the chemistry between Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, William Frawley and Vivian Vance. But there were also many guest stars that appeared on the show throughout the years to make it even more popular.

John Wayne

The tough-as-nails star of many western movies made a very famous guest appearance on I Love Lucy during the season when they were living in Hollywood. The name of the episode was “Lucy and John Wayne” and the storyline involved Lucy stealing John Wayne’s footprints from the Grauman’s Theater. Lucy had to get the footprints back to where they belonged before anybody noticed. With Ricky’s help, John Wayne created another set of footprints to get Lucy out of her dilemma, but she ends up breaking those. It’s one of the more memorable episodes in the entire series.

Harpo Marx

Any fan of I Love Lucy remembers the scene when Lucille Ball and Harpo Marx are mirror images of each other. Lucy decides to dress up as Harpo Marx in order to impress one of her friends, but she didn’t know that the real Harpo had showed up. Harpo also plays his harp in this episode. Rumor has it that only Harpo was asked to be on the show because Lucille Ball didn’t get along well with the other Marx Brothers.

Orson Welles

The man who created a nationwide panic with his War of the Worlds radio broadcast is also famous for two other things: Eating 18 hot dogs in one sitting and making a guest appearance on an episode of I Love Lucy. In “Lucy Meets Orson Welles,” Lucy is trying to push her way into Welles’s show which also features Orson Welles. When Welles hires her to be a part of the show, she wants to rub it in the face of her high school theater coach. But Lucy doesn’t know that her role is really just helping Welles with a levitation routine during his magic act.

I Love Lucy will probably live on in syndication for as long as TVs continue to broadcast over the airwaves. True fans can also get the seasons of I Love Lucy on DVD so they can enjoy their favorite episodes any time that they want.

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