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As far as innovative comedy is concerned, NBC’s 30 Rock is one of the leaders in the field. One of the many things that makes 30 Rock such a funny and successful show is the characters. The people that have been chosen to play these characters is a stroke of genius which only adds to the comedy effect for the show. Here are some of the funniest characters on this NBC show and what makes them give viewers belly laughs several times each episode.

Leo Spaceman

You may not know this character by name, but you might know Leo Spaceman, played by Christ Parnell, as the “doctor of all trades” on 30 Rock. Over the years, he has played the doctor, the child psychiatrist, an addiction relief professional and even a fertility specialist. Parnell’s delivery of his lines make the character three times as funny as it already is. How can you not laugh when he tells Jack Donaghy that there is no way to tell where a person’s heart is because, according to him, “every human is different”?

Kenneth Parcell

The naïve page steals pretty much every scene that he is in with his high pitched voice and stories of his family back home. His childlike nature is refreshing but it is also great fodder for setting up jokes and making fun of his character. Even though he doesn’t get a ton of screen time, he still has the highest ratio of laughs than any other character on the set.

Tracy Jordan

Nobody can argue that Tracy Morgan’s delivery is anything less than genius. If you didn’t know better, you’d think that Tracy Morgan was playing himself because he is so comfortable in his character’s skin. Sometimes I sit there and wonder where the writers come up with lines for him to say because more often than not, they make absolutely no sense, which makes them even funnier.

If this list had a fourth option, it would be Liz Lemon. Tina Fey is absolutely wonderful in the character that she plays and her self-deprecating humor takes comedy to a new level. If you’ve missed out on 30 Rock, get the DVDs of the previous seasons to get caught up and then you won’t want to ever miss an episode and the huge laughs.

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