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This year, flash back to the best movies of the ’80s for Halloween costume inspiration that fits every member of the family. Remember, movie costumes are always a win-win proposition and what better movie era to draw creative inspiration from than the 80's?

Unforgettable Villains

Recreate total terror with a spooky hockey mask and bloody machete just like creepy Jason Voorhes. He slashed Friday and the thirteenth into scary movie fan memories forever. A Freddy Krueger costume also conjures up unforgettable nightmares no matter which street you stalk. One of the most terrifying villains from the ‘80s horror movie lineup didn’t have much to say, so you can quietly wear his Leatherface disguise, swing a plastic chainsaw and replicate that famous massacre down in Texas.

Memorable Monsters

If you dare for dangerous child’s play, don a Chucky doll disguise, and don’t forget the handy ax. If you prefer unforgettably evil clowns who truly terrorize, Pennywise is definitely it as a classic choice from one of Stephen King’s scariest ‘80s movies. Monsters on the big screen came in all shapes and sizes, and the era gave Ridley Scott’s alien queen a special place in Halloween-loving hearts. If her rubber head seems too big for your shoulders, try something simply strange like a Beetlejuice costume complete with prison stripes and insane hair.

Masquerade Fun

Sure, you can go as a hairy American werewolf or celebrate the day of the dead like a Romero zombie. You can also land lunatic laughs that just get dumb and dumber in a shiny orange tuxedo and top hat. That karate kid was a pint-sized 80’s movie hero, and his pj’s and headband still kick it for little Halloween revelers. The baseball diamond inspires peachy Halloween costumes for ladies in a league of their own, and everybody rocks in official overalls when they’re armed with inflatable proton packs ready for some serious ghost busting.

Whether you were there or not, the ‘80s were more fun than gremlins wearing jelly shoes and solving Rubik’s cubes. From Oompa Loompas at a chocolate factory to Snake Plissken in New York, the characters still capture a special spirit. Pick your favorite, grab your trick-or-treat bag, and take the ‘80s out for a Halloween night on the town.

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