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Are you counting down the minutes before you can see Deadpool tomorrow? We haven't seen this much marketing in connection to the release of a comic book-based superhero movie in quite some time, so it stands to reason Ryan Reynold's Deadpool is going to appeal not just to comic book lovers but also to kids as well who might not be familiar with the comic. So with that in mind, we thought we'd assemble a list of the Top 5 Deadpool comic books that need to read tonight in order to go into the new Deadpool movie well-versed in the mythology and origin of the much-beloved dark horse comic book hero.

Deadpool Classic Vol. 1

Deadpool Classics Vol. 1

Without a doubt, this is the one retrospective book that one needs to read fast before the movie launches into your local multiplex. Classics Vol. 1 compiles all of Deadpool's early appearances into one gigantic volume. Naturally, Classics Vol. 1 starts out with Deadpool's first comic book appearance (New Mutants #98) and then progresses head-on right into Deadpool's very first short run of comics as his own character. Die-hard Deadpool fans will, no doubt, remember the essential Deadpool: The Circle Chase which features Deadpool up against a band of military thugs who have set out to get control of a deadly weapon. This storyline in the Deadpool mythology starts in The Circle Chase and runs all the way until the Deadpool book: Deadpool: Last Merc Standing.

Dead Kills The Marvel Universe

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe

Running head-on with that sardonic wit that has made Deadpool a well-loved dark horse comic book anti-hero/superhero, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe is fairly well self-explainable in terms of storyline narrative. Deadpool, the unstoppable figure that he is taking out every superhero and super-villain inside of the Marvel Universe. It's likely, too, that here in Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe that that exact dark, sardonic wit is finalized and first rears its head clearly as far as what we know Deadpool's personality to be like today. Psychotic, but funny.

Deadpool: Suicide Kings

Deadpool: Suicide Kings

Deadpool kicks some serious butt in Suicide Kings when he's framed for a crime that he certainly did not commit. It's here also that Deadpool encounters The Punisher, while at the same time he also joins forces with both Daredevil and Spider-man. With the wry sense of humor that both Deadpool and Spider-Man have, you know that this issue is likely to be the very favorite of any die-hard Deadpool fan, simply because it encompasses everything we love about Deadpool in the first place.

Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth

Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth

If you don't know that much about Deadpool going into tomorrow's big screen release starring actor Ryan Reynolds in the role, you might not know that one of Deadpool's many nicknames is "Merc." In Merc With A Mouth, Deadpool is sent off to get his own zombie head that first popped up in the Marvel Zombies universe. This issue is wonderfully twisted, weird, and hopefully some or all of the aspects of this issue, aesthetically, will pop up in Ryan Reynold's Deadpool film tomorrow. Deadpool also does battle with a Hydra in Merch With a Mouth as well. Tits!

Deadpool: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Deadpool: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Taking it's sub-title from the classic late 60s Spaghetti Western directed by Italian auteur Sergio Leone, Deadpool: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly story is centered around a teaming up between Deadpool, Wolverine, and Captain America in North Korea. It's here that we get some serious back story regarding the origins of Deadpool himself, amidst the three superheroes trying to stop a series of experiments that were designed to duplicate them, but as evil beings.

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