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Athletes are human just like us, but people love them. They have a huge fan base. However have you ever wondered about what they do when their season is over? Many of you know they make great money, but did you know there are more things they do besides just playing the game?

One of the common things many are finding are athletes appearing on TV shows. There has been a huge increase of this happening and the trends are changing. What used to be athletes appearing on sports news shows and reality television programs is not so much the case any longer. That's not to say they aren't still appearing on these reality television shows and talk shows, but more so, they are appearing in sitcoms and nightly drama series such as Law and Order SVU.

Some of you might wonder why this is. There are many reasons to have them air on such shows. One of the main things is that it boosts ratings. Think about if you saw your favorite athlete on a show that you watch or even don't watch? Would you tune in? Of course, you would.

Another thing that it does is that it helps them find people they don't need stunt doubles for and such. Many of the players who appear on such television shows are appearing as the athlete they are. They might have a different name in the script, but a basketball player would still play a basketball player.

It's really a win-win situation. The player gets paid to appear which helps them to bring in money during the off season. It also allows fans a chance to see their favorite sports players during the off season which allows the athlete to keep their fan base. This looks good on resumes as athletes know they can't play the sport forever.

Yet, they’re still making their faces known on the reality television shows talking about who they’re and their skill with the game of choice. Many are making their air time a bit more useful than just talking about themselves though. Another trend we have seen with these athletes in the spotlight is how they use this time to talk about charities they

have either started or are an active part of. This allows them to bring awareness all across the United States. The thought is that we’ll be seeing more athletes on television in more roles than what we're accustomed to.

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