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Welcome to the TV Store Online blog.  Here we'll keep you up-to-date on TV, movies, comic and video game topics, along with related shirts, costumes and other apparel items.  Whether its news on upcoming movies, comics, games or TV shows, reviews on recent releases, nostalgic deep dives or upcoming shirt or costume releases and overall fashion ideas, we'll keep you informed! 

Is The Big Bang Theory over?

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The CBS series is still slated to run on the network at least until September of 2019. The show, most likely, will even continue after 2019 as well given the recent ratings. Starting out in 2007 on CBS, Big Bang Theory was rated #68 among television audiences. With Season 2, the show saw a ratings increase going from #68 to #40, Seasons 3 and 4 saw an additional increase taking the show's popularity from #40 in the Nielsen Ratings to #12 and #13, respectively. Season 5 of Big Bang Theory saw the show become even more popular, no doubt, because of the show's syndication on pay cable networks. Season 5 saw the show's popularity increased from #13 to #8, Season 6 gave the show even more of an audience in the Nielsen Ratings when it jumped from #8 to #3, making it the third most popular television show on in the United States. Since Season 7 of Big Bang Theory the show has maintained its increasing popularity going from #3 in the ratings to #2 where it has stayed as of Season 10 which completed airing in May 2017. 

With the Big Bang Theory consistently receiving an audience that makes it the second most-watched television series in the United States, it's highly unlikely that the hit CBS show with Sheldon, Leonard, Penny and the gang will be going off the air anytime soon.

When does The Big Bang Theory start?

Season 11 of Big Bang Theory will begin airing on CBS in mid-September 2017. Season 12 of Big Bang Theory will begin airing on CBS in mid-September 2018. Season 11 will air up to 24-episodes until early-May 2018 and Season 12 will air up to 24-episodes until early-May 2019, respectively.  As [...]

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​Is The Big Bang Theory on Netflix?

Big Bang Theory is not on Netflix in the United States but Seasons 1-8, as of late 2016, appeared on Netflix United Kingdom or Netflix UK. In the UK, new seasons of Big Bang Theory are slated to be posted on the streaming platform every September, with Season 9 coming in September [...]

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How Many Seasons of The Big Bang Theory Are There?

To date, there have been 10 seasons of the CBS series The Big Bang Theory, however, there are plans to film at least another 2 which will tentatively be slated to air in 2018-2019 giving the show a total of 12 seasons. The first and second seasons of the show aired in [...]

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When did The Big Bang Theory start?

Big Bang Theory first came to television on September 24th, 2007 after having its premiere on iTunes. Season 1 of Big Bang Theory ran for 17 episodes, with the last episode of the first season airing on CBS on May 19th, 2008. Big Bang Theory returned to CBS for [...]

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When is The Big Bang Theory on?

The Big Bang Theory, since the first episode aired in 2007, has been on CBS between 8-10pm EST. However, the current season, Season 10, which has just finished airing on the television network, aired at 830pm EST. In Syndication on pay cable networks like TBS, Big Bang Theory airs every day on [...]

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Who sings The Big Bang Theory theme song?

Who sings The Big Bang Theory theme song? The well-known Theme Song for CBS's The Big Bang Theory is sung by the popular Canadian-based band Barenaked Ladies. The band was asked to contribute the song to the hit CBS Show by the Big Bang Theory show creator, Chuck Lorre, after he attended their [...]

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Game of Thrones | Game of Giveaways

  Are you ready for the new season of Game of Thrones? We definitely are! Let us hook you up with some awesome merchandise from our  Game of Thrones Merchandise, Enter our 10 day giveaway for a chance to win either one of our smaller prizes, or our $100 grand prize pack on Day 10. We [...]

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​Some of the Most Iconic Costumes From Movies

Some of the Most Iconic Costumes From Movies One of the leading forms of entertainment today, if not the leading form, is the movie. Lots of beloved characters that we know of today are from films made and released in Hollywood. Something that makes a character really stand out is an iconic costume, and in this article, [...]

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Trending Movie Costumes for 2017

Halloween isn't that far away and now is the perfect time to decide what you will wear come this Hallow's Eve. Not many people think about what kind of costume they should were, but many people want to do what they can to make the event as memorable as possible. With that said, continue to read [...]

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