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Welcome to the TV Store Online blog.  Here we'll keep you up-to-date on TV, movies, comic and video game topics, along with related shirts, costumes and other apparel items.  Whether its news on upcoming movies, comics, games or TV shows, reviews on recent releases, nostalgic deep dives or upcoming shirt or costume releases and overall fashion ideas, we'll keep you informed! 

Most Popular Movie Costumes for 2017

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Halloween is just around the corner, so the time has come to give some thought to what you will wear this Hallow's Eve. Sure, some people do not give much thought to their costumes, but those that do are the ones that actually make the event memorable--be it work parties or little soirées near you. The following are some of the most popular cosplay ideas to consider.

X Marks the Spot

One popular costume for 2017 comes straight out of the X-Men movies and comic book characters. 2016 and 2017 have helped expand the mutant universe a little bit more with exciting new films. Movies like Logan have cemented these mutants in popular culture, which is why it is perfect that you consider at least one of the characters from the new X-24 mutant that people are falling in love with or Old Man Wolverine's character.

Female Empowered

Wonder Woman has been a staple in the world of comics for ages, but the character has not made an appearance on the big screen, even though there are a lot of superhero movies making big money. This stopped this year with the release of the Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice film where people got to meet Wonder Woman. She is a fierce and poise superhero who can stand with the best of them. Many think that she was the best part of the film, and 2017 is only making her character even more popular because her movie is due to be released this year. This makes her costume one of the best statements a person can make with their look during this holiday.

Galactic Royalty

There are not many superheroes who take the superpowers and mix in galactic beauty like Thor can. Those who know the character a little more also understand that the films also take a little more from Nordic folklore as well, making this superhero pretty interesting. What makes Thor's costume very popular this year is that a new movie is coming out that will introduce more superheroes and villains. It should be noted that Hulk fans are also going to see his costume spike in popularity because he is in this new movie, too.

Technological Pow

Not many would have imagined that a little show like the Transformers would become as popular as it is today, but director Michael Bay has created a rich world where these machines protect the earth from foreign invaders. Those who know movies well know that the idea of having huge monsters fight others goes back to the kaiju era in Japan. This is around the time when huge aliens, robots, and man-made monsters would attack a city or fight each other. The era died after a few years, but it seems like Michael Bay has reinvented the kaiju genre, and people are loving it, making Transformer costumes pretty hot this year.

The League

The superhero movie genre is getting bigger than ever before, and the Justice League is about to make that world a little bigger. One of the characters in this movie will be Wonder Woman, who was mentioned earlier, but there are many other superheroes who are going to be in the team up film. For example, Batman and Aquaman are going to be in it. Many people did not think that Aquaman was going to look cool, but trailers have already shown just how cool his costume is, which means that his costume is going to be coveted by many. The film is also introducing The Flash and Cyborg. Both of these are popular characters in the comic books and will likely make great +cosplay costumes this year, too.

Villains Galore

A superhero is only as good as its villain, making them pretty important, too. This is a truth that finally made its way into the movies recently. Suicide Squad had villains like Harley Quinn, the Joker , Deadshot, and Diablo just to name a few. The film was huge, but the costumes were even more popular. Most people are gravitating to the Joker's costume and Harley Quinn's. Both of these are quite iconic and very playful. You could even try to make the costume a pair if you can find someone to wear the other costume so that you can pull off one couple costume.

There is no time to waste, and the more thought you give it, the more you can add your own ideas to the costume if you are into spicing up the costume yourself. Every Halloween should be better than the last, so make sure that you do your best to out-do yourself, and do not forget to record or take a picture to share on social media or with your friends.

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