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What's The Big Bang Theory?

Unless you've been stuck in a science lab for the past decade, you probably already know what  The Big Bang Theory is all about. In this entertaining tale, Caltech scientists Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter begin to expand their minds with the help of their neighbor, Penny. Because Sheldon and Leonard lack social skills, it is difficult for them to wrap their minds around someone like Penny. A free-spirited actress and part-time waitress, she is the polar opposite of them. However, sometimes opposites attract, and the friendship between these three characters serves as the foundation for the entire show. Of course, there are several more supporting characters that crack hilarious jokes. Of these, some of the more prominent ones include Howard, Raj, Leslie, Amy, Bernadette and Stuart.

Notably, the character of Amy is played by Mayim Bialik, an actress who initially became famous for playing the titular character in the hit TV show Blossom. After Bialik left Hollywood to pursue a neuroscience degree, she wasn't sure about coming back to the industry. However, the role of Amy Farrah Fowler, PhD lured her back in; the rest is history. Playing  Sheldon's love interest, she quickly became a fan favorite. Many storylines in the show revolve around Sheldon's unusual courtship methods.

Some of the series' popularity may be attributed to its protagonists' jobs. In a sea of reality shows and other, more low-brow content, many found the scientific subject matter to be refreshing and enjoyable. The dichotomy between Penny's openness—and her neighbors' awkwardness—has been appealing to people since the first day the show aired. Many of the actors have amassed legions of loyal fans due to their hilarious performances on the show, and some have even branched out into producing. For whatever reason,  The Big Bang Theory perfectly captured what audiences wanted in 2007—and delivered it to them with style. Continuing with their brilliant scripts and storylines, the have managed to achieve the rare feat of maintaining the attention of a very fickle American public. As the show sails into its sunset season, audiences are grateful for all of the laughs over the past decade.

What Channel Is The Big Bang Theory On?

No matter where they are in the United States, fans of  The Big Bang Theory can tune in to CBS to catch up on all the latest jokes and drama between their favorite people on the show.

How Many Seasons of The Big Bang Theory Are There?

At this time, the wildly successful show is now on its 12th season. With the premiere rapidly approaching on September 24, 2018, it's easy to see why fans are getting amped up already. With a whopping 46 Emmy nominations under its belt, the show is constantly beloved by critics and audiences alike. Those who are superfine of the show already know that it has spawned a spinoff series. Young  Sheldon is another CBS show that focuses on Sheldon's childhood.

What Year did The Big Bang Theory Start?

The show made its grand premiere on September 24, 2007. It wasn't necessarily an auspicious debut, though. Some critics reviewed it favorably, but others were less charitable in their assessment of it. It wasn't until the program was in its second and third seasons that it truly began to pick up steam. In a few years, Jim Parson's career was skyrocketing as a result of his performance in the show.

When Is The Big Bang Theory on?

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The Big Bang Theory airs at 8 PM around most parts of the United States. Those on Central Standard Time can catch the show at 7 PM. For fans who want to catch up on episodes of the show, they are made available on the CBS website.

Is The Big Bang Theory Over?

Although no official announcements have been made yet, star Johnny Galecki has been open and honest about the show's eventual end. Citing the fact that the cast is ready to spend more time with their families, he hinted that the Season 12 may be the last one. With the show Young Sheldon already renewed for another season, it seems as if the cast is perhaps ready to pass the baton onto this younger group. However, fans of the show lamented this possibility. After all, because the program has been on television for so long, it has truly become a part of fans' lives. The inevitable end will be a bittersweet day for those who have grown attached to all of the funny and charismatic characters who have made this series so popular.

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