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People take inspiration from a variety of sources to come up with creative Halloween costumes. Some people prefer to purchase a ready-to-wear themed costume from a party supply store; others take a more creative approach to dressing up each year. Whether you are attending a big community Halloween event or partaking in a small get together at a friend or family member's house this year, the right costume will leave a lasting impression that will earn you lots of compliments and best-dressed awards. Many people take their costume idea inspirations from television shows and movies. Here are the top 10 Halloween movie costume ideas for 2018.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The TMNT team makes a great costume idea for a group of friends or four family members who will all be attending the same event. If you want to make your own, you can always spray green paint on some inexpensive, disposable, round baking trays and affix them to the back of your shirt. Every Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle needs the appropriate face mask and a faux weapon of choice. All-female costumes can be given a feminine flair by donning tutu skirts in lieu of pants or leggings as bottoms. You can also purchase ready-to-wear TMNT costumes at many party stores and mass retailers. The best part of this costume idea is that it also incorporates the food option you may have been designated to bring: the pizza.

Flint Tropics

If you have a great sense of humor or are going to be attending an retro-themed Halloween party, you may want to channel your inner Will Ferrell and don a

Flint Tropics costume. With this costume, it is all about the hair; a curly wig and headband become the central focus of this goofy outfit. A basketball tank top, short basketball shorts and some tall tube socks in Miami Dolphin's colors will replicate this outfit with complete authenticity. Do not forget to bring your basketball with you to the big event.


If you have always wanted to be a member of the Average Joe's team or feel you would be better suited as a member of the opposing Globo Gym lineup, you have definitely found your place within the Dodgeball realm. If yellow and red is more your speed, do not forget your satin basketball apparel, headband and wristbands. Globo Gym team members will need their ridiculous padding, leggings, sweatbands and high-top athletic shoes or boots in purple and black.

Rocky Balboa

Whether you want to channel pre-fight Rocky in all his gray sweatsuit glory or you feel victorious enough to don a satin robe, boxing gloves and satin boxing shorts, you will surely add a little punch to the Halloween party when you show up as Rocky Balboa. As one of the most inexpensive, and arguably comfortable, costumes you can choose to wear, the pre-fight rocky costume is great for cold climates; victorious Rocky is ideal for warmer climates. For added authenticity, do not forget the black knit beanie and the black-eye makeup to add the perfect finishing touches.

Wayne's World

When it's party time and it's excellent, you have to attend your next Halloween party as Wayne or Garth. This costume choice is also incredibly inexpensive to portray and very comfortable. A simple black cotton t-shirt, brunette mullet wig, ripped jeans and black baseball cap with the Wayne's World logo will have you emulating Wayne in seconds. If Garth has drummed his way into your heart, a blonde mullet wig, white graphic t-shirt, plaid button-down shirt, eyeglasses and ripped jeans will have you looking the part.

Hangover: Alan Costume

The key to pulling of the Alan character costume is to not forget to grab your man satchel on the way out the door. A preppy fitted polo shirt tucked into khakis , and offset by a belt, is the perfect start to this ridiculous costume . You will, of course, need to grab a comfortable harness to house your sunglasses-clad baby, and do not forget to score yourself one thick and luscious beard for added measure before heading out for the evening.

Napoleon Dynamite

A skinny tie, pink polo shirt, fanny pack, jeans, Pedro t-shirt, curly blonde wig and socks with loafers are some of the key pieces you will need to emulate the cast of the movie Napoleon Dynamite. Make sure you pull your jeans up really high, and do not forget to act as awkwardly and obscure as possible to pull off portraying this award-winning set of characters.

Karate Kid

Whether you are team Daniel or team Johnny, pull out your favorite gi and headband to represent your favorite Karate Kid characters this Halloween. You might also want to bring a pair of chopsticks with you just in case you need to down a plate full of sushi, or catch a pesky fly, while you party the night away with friends and family this Halloween.

Juno Costumes

The perfect awkwardly-awesome costume for any expecting couple would be to portray the lead characters from Juno. Nerdy burgundy and yellow gym apparel, striped tube socks and a headband will work perfectly for him, and she can wear the mini skirt over jeans with striped t-shirt and sloppy-looking hoodie to complete this in-your-face and unmistakable movie costume idea.

Wonder Woman

Unleash your inner superhero by attending a Halloween party as Wonder Woman. As fierce as she is strong, feminine and beautiful, this costume is a great choice for any woman warrior to portray. Whether you choose to wear a skirt or leggings, armor or a cape, do not leave home without your fierce gold belt and sassy tall boots.

Movies provide great inspiration for fun and memorable Halloween costumes. Whether you plan to attend the party solo or head out with a large group, you will have just as much fun at the party as you will planning the perfect costume that emulates your favorite characters from the big screen.

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