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If you loved watching "Avengers: Infinity War," you really love dressing up as your favorite character for Halloween and other events. You and your friends can even dress up as the entire crew. Furthermore, you can get not only the characters' masks and outfits, but also many of their accessories.

Here are some of the great Infinity War characters you can dress up as:

Captain America

There is no hero quite like  Captain America. He is the leader of the Avengers, and you can look just like him, with his bold and distinctive styling that projects strength and leadership. The costume includes his famous blue mask, which is embossed with an "A." Also included is his equally famous red, white and blue shield, with a big American star smack in the center of it. Further included in the costume is the character's black jacket, black gloves, red combat suspenders, blue pants and black boots.


Spider-Man is the youngest member of the Infinity War heroes fighting to save the world. Because of this, his costume projects not only youthfulness but also a certain hipness and coolness. It includes his distinctive red web mask and his red boots. The costume also includes a red hoodie with a big spider on it and a blue turtleneck shirt that goes underneath the hoodie. The  costume is further complemented with blue pants and black gloves.

The Incredible Hulk

The Hulk is the largest member of the crew, and the most muscle-bound. He is also very green. Wearing this costume makes you look both powerful and indomitable. It includes a mask with the character's distinctive hair and facial features. It also includes a shirt that can make you look almost as muscular as the beast himself. The  costume further includes the hulk's long and cut-up shorts and his gladiator gear.

Iron Man

Iron Man is one of those heroes that will really make you stand out, because of his unusual metallic look. It also will make you look as indestructible as the man himself. The costume includes the character's one-of-a-kind hard shell mask. It also includes a full body suit that will really make you look metallic, and full of muscles. The suit further includes Iron Man's repulsor cannon glove.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is very much different from the other characters in the film, in that his power comes not from great physical strength but instead from an array of mystical powers. He is the kind of character you dress up as when you want to demonstrate that you are more than just a lot of muscle. The costume includes the character's famous red cape, his blue cloak of levitation, his large distinctive necklace and all his other jewelry as well.

Black Panther

Black Panther is a character that projects both attitude and aggression. What it says is that nothing can stop you. What's more, it is entirely in black, which makes it look really cool. The costume includes the character's cat-like mask and his boots. But its main component is its full body suit, which is made from spandex and includes all the character's various accouterments.

Star Lord

Star Lord is a character in the  movie that you just can't keep your eyes off of. A big part of what makes him so enchanting is his really cool costume, and what sets this costume apart is its unusual leather jacket. The costume also includes Star Lord's helmet-like mask, his long dark gloves, his long pants and leather boots, and it further includes his blaster.


Groot is a very original  superhero, who has become a really cool cultural icon. Now, you, too, can say: "I am Groot," by wearing his costume, which will surely get you noticed. This costume includes his large and utterly unique mask and his full-body green suit, which shows off all his muscle and sinew.

In conclusion, no matter who you are or what your personality is, there is an  Infinity War character that is perfect for you. There is also a corresponding costume that will turn you into this character, even if it is only for one night.

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