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It’s only a matter of time before the hit seriesThe Walking Deadbecomes a movie. It has all the elements that make for a successful movie. The question is not, can it become a film, but really, when should it become one. Right now it’s riding a wave of popularity, both with consumers, but also the media. Despite the fact that the first season was greeted cautiously because of the level of violence, the spot-on character development pulled viewers in week after week.

‘The Walking Dead’ is now in Season 6, a critical point for any television series. How much more does it have to tell? Will viewers start to lose interest because they feel the plot is always the same, there are no new surprises in store? It’s always good to end on a high, leaving viewers wishing for more. Because of this factor, I think you can give them ‘The Walking Dead’ movie. There’s said to be enough material from the books to do seven more seasons, but why not use it to make a movie, and if it does well a sequel?

There’s only one clear choice for who would star in ‘The Walking Dead’ movie. You would absolutely want the same stars from the television series to reprise their roles. Who else could play Rick Grimes but Andrew Lincoln? Could anyone but Steven Yeun be Glenn Rhee? For a movie to be successful, it must keep the same stars as the television series.

There are a plethora of movies about comic book superheroes in theaters now. And in the horror genre, vampires have long dominated. The movie-going public has been ready for some time now to see something new to fear. Zombies are becoming more popular, especially with the previous successes of movies such as ‘Dawn of The Dead’, ‘Land of the Dead’, and ‘Zombieland.’ Zombies are unlike any other creature because you can't glamorize them into anti-heroes. They must remain bad. What else is there to do but kill them? (The one rare exception to this rule was the movie ‘Warm Bodies’.)

'The Walking Dead' is more than a show about our main characters killing zombies. It’s about relationships and community. If someone you love dies, then comes back, you want to believe you have gotten them back. Unfortunately, it isn't really them, but it’s hard to kill them again when you’re still grieving. People who’ve little in common become families. The struggle to survive unites very different people. It’s this struggle that makes show a hit television series. It’s these same elements that’ll hopefully make it a hit movie.

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