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The "Office" May Have Gotten off to a Shaky Start:

NBC’s sitcom 'The Office' started 10 years ago and is still going strong. Early on the show was not considered a very good show generally speaking. However, the television show, as well as their characters, have come a long way within a decade.

Back in 2005 there was not an overwhelming interest in comedy especially on Thursday evenings. However, The Office did eventually find a regular audience. The show seems to strike a core with viewers for a variety of reasons. People can relate to The Office very well because it does deal with every day and somewhat serious issues that the average working person may encounter within the workplace.

Common Work Problems Addressed Each Episode:

Typical family arguments and other family problems are often brought into the workplace. The "Office" is no exception. Several episodes depict some of the workers griping about family related problems and how it affects them and their overall attitude. Again, another example of why the public can relate so well to this TV sitcom.

The Office has also featured episodes when an employee is terminated from their position. Therefore, this is another reason as to why the television viewers can relate very well to this comedy sitcom. When you think about it, I'm sure each and every day somewhere in the world someone is fired from their present job whether it's deserved or not.

Presenting The Cast In A Way That The Public Can Relate:

The Office attempts to humanize the shows characters in an effective manner. If an employee is terminated for example, nothing is sugar coated or overlooked. The person was simply fired left to their own devices as far as securing another job.

On a lighter note, The Office brought to life other issues like marriage. In one episode a few years back a wedding did take place between two employees. Therefore, the sitcom does also look at the some more joyful aspects of life.The viewers feel a certain level of comfort with this particular sitcom. This is the reason that viewers tune in to The Office on a regular basis. The TV show does in fact bring something real to the screen otherwise they would not be able to secure a regular viewing audience and would probably face cancellation.

Laughter Can Be Healthy:

We the viewers/ public can relate very well to The Office because of the nature of the issues addressed each and every week. In addition, the subject matter is addressed in a humorous way. The world needs humor and laughter especially with the high-stress environment in which we now live.

The Office gives viewers something to take with them once the episode concludes. This sitcom gives the public something to talk about with their co-workers the next day. Laughter relieves stress and allows a person to forget their troubles at least for a short time.

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