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Revered by many of us – who grew up being read his classic and colorful, illustrative tales that generally imbibed an underlying moral to them – and coveted by even the younger generation of children during the present day, Dr. Seuss’ birthday will be celebrated around the world on March 2nd, 2013. His knack for capturing the attention, love, and adoration of millions of children and adults worldwide is unrivaled. His unsurpassed ability to tell a story using drawings and short sentences (and make it witty and comedic) is what made these tales so popular. In commemoration of one of the world’s greatest storytellers of all time—this article will deliver 10 relatively unknown facts about the esteemed Dr. Seuss.

10 Witty Facts You More Than Likely Never Knew About Dr. Seuss

  1. Dr. Seuss got into trouble aplenty during his high school tenure. He even got into trouble when he was caught drinking gin with his friends. It was during 1925 when prohibition was still in effect, and it netted him a short probation term.
  2. He was not a real doctor. As a matter of fact, he studied to earn his Ph.D. in English, but never completed the studies. He was awarded numerous honorary degrees during his life, however.
  3. He struggled to get his first book published. His first writing, “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street,” was actually rejected 27 times before it was finally published in 1937.
  4. He titled his first book in honor of his grandparents, who lived on Mulberry Street.
  5. The famous book, “Green Eggs and Ham,” only contains 50 different words. It was the result of a bet he made with a publisher, who bet him that he would not be able to compose a book using 50 of the same words or fewer.
  6. He had a book pulled from the shelves of stores and libraries nationwide because it made references to the Cold War and the nuclear arms race. The book was called: “The Butter Battle Book.”
  7. The Grinch character – one of his most famous – was actually a depiction of himself. In a 1957 interview with Redbook, he said: “I wrote the story about my sour friend, the Grinch, to see if I could rediscover something about Christmas that obviously I’d lost.”
  8. Dr. Seuss was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, contrary to popular belief.
  9. He is credited with publishing the world’s first account of the usage of the word “nerd” in literacy; it was published in: “If I Ran the Zoo.”
  10. Dr. Seuss penned more than 44 different books during his life. Today, there are more than 200 million copies in print, making him one of the most famous and best-selling authors in history.

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