Do You Remember These Four Minor Seinfeld Characters?-tvso

The four main characters on Seinfeld – Jerry, George, Kramer and Elainecertainly made the show popular and loveable. It was perfect chemistry and the characters themselves were relatable and funny. But the minor characters throughout the course of the series certainly added another funny and memorable aspect to the show. Here are four minor characters that made an impact on the show and the people who love the show.

1. The Soup Nazi – A list of Seinfeld’s minor characters just wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Soup Nazi. People are still quoting his “No soup for you” catchphrase even more than a decade after the show has gone off the air. He certainly added something to the legacy of the show despite his meanness and arrogance.

2. Uncle Leo – Are there any Seinfeld fans who don’t like Uncle Leo? From his crazy eyebrows to his excitable nature, everybody can relate to this character because we all know someone who is like him. Unfortunately, Len Lesser has passed away. But his comedic acting legacy will forever be immortalized as part of television history forever.

3. Chinese Restaurant Host – This guy has been in several movies and TV shows, but I only recognize him because I saw him on Seinfeld’s “The Chinese Restaurant” episode first. He’s the guy that tells Jerry, George and Elaine that it will only be “five, ten minutes” before they can get a table. He also didn’t know how to take a bribe or pronounce George’s last name correctly (shouting out “Cartwright” instead of “Costanza,” causing George to miss an important phone call while waiting for a table). Although I think his best line comes at the very end of the episode when the three get tired of waiting and walk out the door just before he announces, “Seinfeld, four!”

4. The Costanzas – Were there any scenes that involved Frank and Estelle Costanza that didn’t result in huge laughs? Jerry Stiller employed an unusual cadence to his lines and Estelle played off of him perfectly. Their interactions with George were even more magnificent (who can forget the time when Frank slaps George on the head in “The Handicap Spot” episode?) Replacing George’s dad with Jerry Stiller was possibly one of the best decisions the makers of the show ever made.

There are literally dozens of characters that paraded across the screen during Seinfeld’s nine year run. There are just a few of the more memorable and hilarious ones that helped make the show the TV icon that it is today.

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