What’s the “Married With Children” Cast Been Up To?-tvso

Fox’sMarried with Childrenis one of the most popular yet controversial television shows in history. Despite the controversy about the show’s sexual innuendos and other topic matter, it still runs in syndication today and is still enjoyed by many viewers. But what is the cast from this groundbreaking show doing now that it has been off of the air for several years?

Ed O’Neill (Al Bundy) – It seems like Ed O’Neill has a knack for playing a character on wildly popular TV shows. After his years on Married…with Children, O’Neill had a tough time living down his unforgettable character of Al Bundy. But it looks like he finally broke the typecast because he is playing on the highly-rated and award-winning Modern Family on ABC these days. You can catch him in this role on Wednesday nights alongside co-star

Katey Sagal (Peggy Bundy) – Sagal has had a few semi-successful endeavors since she has left her Peggy character behind. One of the first roles she picked up was voicing the character Turanga Leela on Futurama. She has done that since 1999. A few years later, she also got the role of Cate Hennessy on the series 8 Simple Rules. That lasted for only three years due to the unexpected death of the show’s star – John Ritter. Today, you can see Katey Sagal in a completely different kind of role for her playing Gemma Teller Morrow in Sons of Anarchy. In this role, she is still a matriarchal figure but in a hardcore biker gang sort of way. She also won a Golden Globe for this role in 2011.

Christina Applegate (Kelly Bundy) – The source of many young boys’ dreams during the late 1980s and early 1990s didn’t have much success immediately following the show’s cancellation. However, in the last few years, she has found many great roles that have put her back on top of the A-List in Hollywood. She has been in several successful movies in the last few years, including Anchorman, the sequel to Alvin and the Chipmunks, the Farce of the Penguins and most recently, Hall Pass. She has done Broadway in productions like Sweet Charity in 2005 as well. You can see her this summer playing opposite Will Arnett what seems to be a comedy about a married couple entitled Up All Night.

David Faustino (Bud Bundy) – Of the four main characters on Married with Children, David Faustino has probably had the least amount of success since the show’s cancellation. Since 1997, Faustino has made cameo appearances in a number of TV shows and he has received very minor roles in movies that you have probably never heard of. In 2007, he appeared in a McDonald’s commercial and he can currently be seen on Internet comedy series which he developed and wrote with some friends. He has also signed a contract with the comedy troupe National Lampoon to “be involved with” a few upcoming films.

So that’s what the four main actors and actresses have been up to since 1997, when Married with Children halted its run. Will they ever do a Married with Children reunion? One can only hope.

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