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From the first time anyone (myself included) watches Duck Dynasty, they know it’s not the typical show full of the typical stuff like money and sex that make up a typical reality television show. It’s a show that a family can enjoy watch together. The Robertson brothers, their wives, and children all together made up a show full of love, family values, humor, a relaxed lifestyle, personalities that blend well together, people can relate to them, and a lot of women prefer to watch them on television instead of the typical good looking and muscular man that a lot of women look at.

Live from Louisiana, the Robertson’s take reality television to a place geographically, emotionally, and spiritually where it has never been. They’re not rich and good looking men, but middle class bearded men who wear camouflage. Along with Willie and his wife Korie, Phil and Miss Kay, Phil’s brother Jase and Jep, and Phil’s off-the-wall brother Uncle Si, they pray, laugh, love, be down to earth, be family friendly, and do not rush through life. They do this all in one episode and continue it in the next episode as well. Their characters with their individual personalities mesh well to create a reality show like no other.

Another great thing that this family is that they are who they are and show just who they are on their show. They don’t cover up or hide anything and always show their true personalities. We can always count on Willie to make us laugh while he’s trying to stop his family from goofing off. Jase is always available for a wisecrack. Uncle Si is a disagreeable old man that is also lovable, who also has his own backwards psychology, or ‘si-cology’ as it otherwise known. Lastly, there is Phil the patriarch of the family who also is patient and puts up with all his family does. The four of them together have created their niche in television history forever.

For a family that doesn’t own a cellular telephone and probably not even a television set, they sure have made television history. They’ve 8.6 million viewers and 4.2 million followers on Facebook.

Not only are they a Dynasty with the ducks and other animals they hunt, they’re a dynasty among their fans who love a family and their show that offers the opportunity to watch a family that truly loves each other, enjoys life, believes in God, has true family values, isn’t money hungry, eats together, prays together, and lives a very laid-back and relaxed lifestyle. Their love for each other, God, and life's apparent in everything they do. When they face the everyday challenges that any family does, they talk it out and pray to God for direction and insight. They face everything that happens to them with a smile on their faces and love in their heart. This is why their fans love them so much along with the fact that they can always make them smile. They teach people how to love, live for God, and enjoy life.

With their sense of humor, they also make their viewers laugh with their jokes and the funny things they say. That's why their fans truly think they're a quack up and that's the Si-Cology of Duck Dynasty.

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