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What pre-teen or teen in the 90's didn't watch at least one of the 3 TV shows that I’m writing about below? They were the best during that decade. On nights 90210 came on, I’d make sure that all my chores were done, dinner was cooked; everyone ate and kitchen was clean. The floor in front of the TV was my next spot that was taken up for the whole hour, I would even sit through commercials; they didn't last that long back in the day.

Now let's break down why Saved by the bell, 90210 & Clueless were the best shows ever in the 90's.

Saved by the Bell

Everyone could relate to all the characters in this show, we all loved Zack, Slater & Screech. The pranks they would play on each other always seem to backfire onto them one way or the other, but they would wiggle themselves out of trouble. Zack & Kelly were the best couple to watch on that TV show even as they went to college they were the ones that I watched for and they took you through your middle, high & college years. The TV station TBS here in Atlanta, GA would run marathons on Saturday nights and I would stay up all night by myself and watch the marathon. Slater & Jesse were the 2nd couple that everyone looked up to, although there were times that they broke up with each other they seemed to come back together and be happy with each other.

Beverly Hills 90210

What a hot TV show this one was, there was drama, drinking, sex & drugs that were very appealing to a high school kid, college kid & parents. I can remember my mom watching this show with me and it used to take over my nights too, I had to do everything before I could be ready to watch my TV show. All the characters now looking back were cool then and they had it all at one time, and some lost it all at one time. My favorite character was Dylan! I know that most people's favorite was Brandon, but he was too much of a goody, goody for me and his sister was such a stuck up. All shows must come to an end, in the late 2000's they tried to come out with a new age spin off of 90210 it took off for a little while but was burnt out after 5 years and went off the air.


This show was a more comical and it basically portrayed what the normal 16 year old girl would do at school and how they love to shop at the mall. It was stereotypical comedy in a way. The show to me, as I didn't relate to it very much, was a very girlie show and I was more about watching it for the fashion than I was for seeing the ditsy drama that Dee Dee, Jasmine & Murray had to conjure up. The TV show also wasn't as hot because they weren't able to cast Alicia Silverstone in the show.

Unfortunately, these shows are no longer on TV for our children to watch, the reality TV shows have taken over the next generation, when these TV shows are available on Netflix to watch you can bet that I’ll be binge watching the TV and/or computer for all the seasons!

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