Family Guy Facts – Test Your Knowledge of the Hit Show on Fox-tvso

The slapstick back and forth shock value humor that has essentially coined Fox’s Family Guy and other shows as “shock-toons” – as opposed to just cartoons – is what has made this show a loveable hit amongst millions of viewers during the more than decade the show has been on the air. Keep in mind that Fox originally canceled the show, before realizing how big of a mistake that they made and buying it back up from creator Seth MacFarlane.

Now well into the 9th season on Fox, with the season about to wrap up here come the end of April, it’s safe to say that there is some fun trivia that can be enjoyed from the many different episodes of the show that have aired prior. How much of a Family Guy neophyte are you? How many factoids do you really remember about the show? Test your Family Guy prowess with this awesome Family Guy Facts Sheet.

Q: How many episodes does the seafaring sailor, Seamus, appear in?

A: 16 episodes, including the most recent, “Big Man on Hippocampus.”

Q: Peter Griffin fights a chicken in three different episodes, what is the name of the chicken and why is he fighting with him?

A: The chicken’s name is Ernie. In the first episode, “No Chris Left Behind,” they fight over an expired coupon that the chicken gave to Peter. In the second and third fight scenes – in episodes, “Blind Ambition,” and, “Da Boom” – they are fighting because they can’t remember why they are fighting, and in the third fight appearance, Ernie takes Peter out to dinner and they get in a fight over who will pay the bill.

Q: What is the name of Peter’s dad and why doesn’t he approve of his marriage?

A: His dad is named Francis, and he disapproves because Lois is a protestant and not a Catholic.

Q: In an episode called “Boys Do Cry” what comedian plays the voice of the talking horse?

A: Gilbert Gottfried.

Q: What ever happened to Joe’s son Kevin?

A: He died in Iraq.

Q: How old was Peter when he farted for the first time?

A: 30 years old.

Q: When Peter’s tries to get the Make a Wish Foundation to bring back Gumble to Gumble, what illness does he say that Chris has?

A: Tumorsyphilisitisosis

Q: What’s the name of the restaurant Peter opens in the episode, “No Meals on Wheels”?

A: Big Pete’s House of Munch

Q: When Stewie Griffin runs away to England, what is the name of the show that he is trying to find?

A: Jolly Farm Revue

Q: What famous TV show role did the voice of Mayor Adam West play in real life?

A: He was the original Batman on TV.

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