Green Man - A superhero or a silly costume?-tvso

The Green Man. We’ve all seen him out and about, engaging in merriment and causing chaos. He appeared on the FX comedy, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” but is often seen at sporting events, running around like a superhero of fun. No one knows where he came from or who he is; he could be anyone...he could be you.

All a person needs is the GreenMan suit, and then they are imbued with the power to run faster, jump higher and party harder. Actually, the suit gives none of those powers, but if you think it, then you can be it.

Every party needs a Green Man, why not you? You don’t even have to be green; The Green Man’s fashionable full body spandex jumpsuit now comes in red, blue, orange, white or yellow, making it easier to support your favorite teams or just offering a variety if you’re thinking of wearing it on a daily basis. Think of the possibilities.

Most of the time, these suits are worn by college students to sports games and tailgates. Some people get a group together, and they all dress up as the Green Man. He is a symbol of spirit and revelry. When people see the Green Man, they cannot help but get excited.

I met the Green Man at a basketball game once. We did not talk, no words were needed, we just high-five and cheered on our team. The whole time, he did not make a sound, but he was just as energetic as everyone else in the arena. He did not care if he looked silly, or was acting weird, that was all part of being the Green Man. He definitely enjoyed himself, as I saw him (or maybe another Green Man perhaps) later in the bar still dancing and mingling with everyone around him. Everyone expects the Green Man to be crazy and he lived up to the expectation.

It’s the perfect costume for getting wild and out of control and there won’t be any worrying that you look stupid. Because you will, but it is all a part of being the Green Man.

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