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"Family Guy" is a popular animated comedy, touching base on many different issues, including mocking political views pointed towards real name politicians. Lately, the series touches base on the political arena and the cast aren't uncomfortable inserting views, some of which has made some viewers write into the show, stating their unhappiness with these views. These far-reaching political views come from the show's producer Seth McFarlane, which he responds that he’s certainly in his right to air his personal political humor within the show's domain and the Fox network supports his right to personal opinion.

McFarlane has proven repeatedly that it does not matter if he wrote some off-color statements into the show or someone else came up with the hum Dinger, he supports and approves of this type of satire. This leaves the viewer a bit disgruntled, yet viewers keep tuning in to see what dumb, stupid show the writers come up with the next week.

Sarah Palin, prior Governor of Alaska sends to the public down to earth, no-nonsense political views. This caused her to become the brunt of many comedy shows, including "Family Guy". On this episode, Brian and Mart, Goldman a neighbor find themselves transported to Nazi Germany. In order for these three to blend into the crowd, they wore Nazi uniforms but had a McCain and Palin button pinned to their lapel. Of course, during that time no one knew who Palin or McCain was, so this left the three scratching their heads.

Since "Family Guy" aired, it has turned out to be a show that’s not afraid to state provocative ideas, concepts and weird satire in its mood. Staff and network are fully aware that the show can be and is vile on many matters, but this is the gist of "Family Guy" and this is what creates "Family Guy" what it is today; a stupid appearance, with stupid writers, developing dumb, stupid comments on everything, including stupid political views. The writers who’re just plain dumb, yet stupidly smart and brilliant, keep the show's popularity on top.

Another episode again picks at politicians such as, George W. Bush, in the White House on the staircase trying to send a slinky downward and he could not quite get the gist of this old toy. Finally, George sends it flying the way slinky was meant to careen down steps. This is when he yells to Laura to come quickly and see what he accomplished.

In spite of the twisted humor in this show, it remains popular with viewers. In the early days of "Family Guy", many a parent banned this show from their children, not allowing their children to watch the satire that makes this show so popular today. Now, the show has a sort of inappropriate appropriateness. Since that time, many families have loosened their grip on disallowing "Family Guy", in their home. "Family Guy" is one of those tv shows that the viewer just has to watch in spite of every wrong connotation stated, and then the viewer simply forgets what they heard.

When dumb, stupid political views stretch to the limits, it leaves no options for the viewer, except to become angry and then laugh. "Family Guy" is about twisted humor, proving to be bad, not at all funny per se, shameless, dumb, stupid, ignorant, uncaring of other people's views, and for whatever reason mockingly popular.

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