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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is wickedly entertaining. It’s the kind of show that makes you feel guilty for even watching it, very guilty! The subject matter makes you wince in shame, and if you don't remind yourself to breathe, the laughter will quickly stop oxygen from getting to your brain! The main characters are Frank, Dee, Dennis, Mac, and Charlie. Cricket, a recurring character, is in love with Dee, and who left the priesthood for that reason. Frank is the dubious father of Dee and Dennis. Mac and Charlie are friends of Dee and Dennis from childhood. They all own a bar together in Philadelphia called Paddy's Pub. The show really couldn’t be funnier, and the story-lines are legendary.

The first of the great episodes is "Charlie Gets Crippled" in Season 2. After Charlie gets lots of attention, at a strip club, because he’s in a wheelchair, Dennis, Frank and Mac all get in wheelchairs, looking for attention. Charlie ends up in the wheelchair because he’s run over accidentally by Dennis. Dee also dons some handicapped equipment, and Mac and Dennis find her at the mall, feigning a disability, watching as people laud her efforts to help herself! Mac and Dennis are at the mall, in their wheelchairs, looking for attention. Frank, the wealthiest of the gang, gets a motorized wheelchair, which he heads back to the strip club with! There are so many wrong things in this episode, you can't even think about it!

Season 2 delivers another excellent episode with "Mac Bangs Dennis' Mom." Mac goes to Dennis' mother's house looking for Frank's toupee, and he subsequently services Frank's soon-to-be ex-wife. Frank needs his toupee for a date with a woman he knew in high school, who was wild then and wicked boring now. He quickly ends the date, citing the fact that she has kids and a dead husband as a total bummer! Dennis is dating a clinger, who’s also the waitress, which upsets Charlie, who loves her. Meanwhile, Dennis' mom is keeping sex with Mac in perspective by reminding him not to bring his feelings with him to their outings. Dennis, upset about Mac's tryst with his mother, goes to Mac's mother to see if she’ll have sex with him. Mac's mother rejects Dennis' pursuit!

"The Gang Finds a Dumpster Baby" is another crazy episode. Frank, because of his divorce, is now living with Charlie, in a tiny apartment, and they’re sharing one bed. Charlie thinks Frank is his father, after its revealed Frank had an affair with Charlies' mother. Meanwhile, Dennis, Mac, and Dee are trying to figure out what to do with a baby they found in a dumpster. They try to get the baby a modeling contract, but when they find out that Hispanic babies are more popular for contracts, they attempt to paint the baby so as to score a contract, so they can make money! Dumpster Baby is eventually picked up by child services, but on our way to that episode-closer, there are tons of laughs as Dee and Dennis try to capitalize on this child!

Season 3 also brings "Sweet Dee is Dating a Retard," where Mac, Charlie and Dennis are convinced that Dee's new boyfriend is a guy they all went to high school with, and who’s retarded. Dee continues to date him, trying to figure out if he’s retarded or not. They all keep ruminating over some of his mannerisms, trying to create a composite of the individual that creates a basis for determining if he’s retarded, or not!

The entire best episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is the Season 9 finale "The Gang Squashes Their Beefs." There’s just one hysterical scene after another as the gang attempts to put an end to feuds with all those invited to dinner. Cricket, the former priest who left the priesthood because of his love of Dee, makes an appearance, as does Frank's landlord who’s owed money by Frank, which Frank refuses to pay until the heat’s fixed. Ponderosa, who put bath salts in the punch at Liam's wedding, leading to him losing his eye, shows up. They also accidentally invite a guy whose car they blew up! Dennis and Mac try to talk Cricket into giving them his only working eye, which they want to give to William. This episode ends in a fabulous food fight, and there’s no reconciliation of any feuds in sight. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia takes humor to an entirely new, and very entertaining level, as is showcased with this episode.

This show is a work of creative comedic genius. Sometimes things just come together perfectly, and the cast and storyline for this show couldn’t be better. Although you question your ability to find some of the subject matter funny, you just can't help yourself! This is indeed very good stuff.

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