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God, what is it about good triumphing over evil? We're a bit sick of it here and we're wondering why there isn't more attention shown to our favorite comic book baddies? Wouldn't you just love to see an origins movie about Green Goblin? We would! Or how about a weekly series on Fox or some other network about Mystique? For whatever reason, historically, comic book-related television series have often failed miserably over the last twenty-years on big networks. This is why we'd rather see a franchise built on some of our favorite bad characters from some of our favorite comic books.

Okay, let's extend this idea a bit more...

We'd like to not only see some of our favorite comic book villains get their origins stories up on the big screen but also, how about the slew of characters that hasn't even done so much as appeared in a cameo on the big screen in films like The Avengers yet, for example?

Black Panther

We hear that there is a feature film in the works about Black Panther, and all we say is that --It's about damn time! You would've thought that he would have at least had a small cameo in any of the last Avengers films but apparently that just wasn't in the cards for Panther.

Black Panther has always been one of our favorite comic characters since he first popped up in the pages of Fantastic Four. This kick-ass vigilante is on a mission in the comics to take right the wrong of the death of his dad, who was the king of a tribe. Panther comes from "Wakanda"--the country where the material that Captain America's shield is made out of is sourced FYI....

Mystique X-Men


Is there any other comic character that is as sexy as Mystique. Certainly Rebecca Romijn-Stamos (O'Connell) set the bar fairly high when she covered herself in blue body paint for her appearance in Bryan Singer's original X-Men movie, but since then Mystique has grown in popularity amongst comic fans and superhero movie lovers. So much so that actress Jennifer Lawrence has signed on to play her next. We would love to see her give her own origin movie, perhaps, seeing where she came from and how she got to us!

Lex Luthor Superman world

Lex Luthor

Yes, we know--this one is a fairly obvious pick, but damn, isn't high time that Luthor got his due? In the wake of the Batman villains, Luthor is probably the best-known, most-notorious comic book villain in the history of the 20th century--so why not give the guy his own film? If you were traumatized like us after seeing Kevin Spacey take on Luther (we miss Gene Hackman), then no doubt casting a young hot actor in an origins story, or hell, even bringing Gene Hackman back, at his age, would make for a totally amazing feature film around the Lex Luthor universe.

Dr. Doom

Dr. Doom

Making a feature-length Dr. Doom film might be really wonderful. A Doom feature film, at this point, would have to be better than 2015's Fantastic Four movie wouldn't it be? It would be a special effects CGI fiesta, as Doom is not only one of the coolest and most iconic comic villains of all time, the inspiration for Mad Lib's MF Doom hip-hop alter-ego, but a wizard as well. With a Doom movie could be filled with apocalyptic damage on the world, the design of Doom is believable enough that Victor von Doom's mask could be out of actual metal and worn by the actor who is cast to bring him to life on the big screen. An origin story with Doom could be epic on the big screen. We could see his rise and fall into darkness. That would be exciting and set up a franchise that could afford it the opportunity to cross over into Fantastic Four meets Dr. Doom feature-length films. That would be A.M.A.Z.I.N.G...


This one is again, a pretty obvious pick--but why not? Give me Ian McKellen as Magneto in an origin story feature film any day over another X-Men movie. Magneto was one of the first mutants to walk the planet Earth, so it seems only fair that he should have his own film, or hell, even a weekly television series. A weekly television series with Magneto could be epic. We could see him travel the globe, become disenfranchised, meet Professor Xavier for the first time.. etc. It's really a no-brainer. Can't you just see it? Magneto: Origins?

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