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Halloween Fun: Female Movie Character Costumes

Halloween is a favorite holiday for many. There’s delicious candy, plenty of spooky movies and awesome parties to enjoy. If you’re stuck trying to choose a Halloween costume, why not consider going as one of your favorite female movie characters? Not only are costumes based on movies a lot of fun to show off, but they also make great conversation starters at parties. Check out this list of ideas based on your favorite classic movies. 

A League of Their Own

Who doesn’t love this classic film about friendship, strength and girl power? A Rockford Peaches baseball uniformmakes a great Halloween costume. It’s something that many of your friends will be excited about, but it’s unique enough that you’ll most likely be the only person at the party with that costume. For an extra touch, match your uniform with a cute pair of socks and bring along a bat. 

Fantastic Four

Are you crazy about comic book movies? Do you love Fantastic Four? If so, Sue Storm, also known as The Invisible Woman, might make a great choice for your Halloween costume. Sue Storm is strong, sarcastic and always intelligent, and with a cute blue Fantastic Four tunic dress, you’ll look just sexy and powerful. Match your tunic with a pair of blue leggings and black boots to complete the outfit. 


Not only is Ghostbusters a classic that almost everyone loves, but it’s also perfect for Halloween! With a cuteGhostbusters tank dress, you'll be ready to fight ghouls like a professional. Consider getting a toy Proton Gun to go along with your outfit if you really want to look authentic. The trick-or-treaters will love it!

Dukes of Hazzard

If you want a super-easy costume that’s effortlessly sexy and always appreciated, Daisy Duke is a great choice. Daisy was a favorite of fans everywhere thanks to her sweet attitude and overwhelming sex appeal. For the perfect Daisy Duke costume, all you need is a Boars Nest t-shirt, a cute pair of jean shorts, and a nice pair of boots. If you’re a confident girl who loves showing off her body, this is the costume for you! You’ll be the hit of the party. 

Rainbow Brite

This classic cartoon from the 1980s brings about feelings of nostalgia for many. If you choose to be Rainbow Brite for Halloween, you’ll be sure to inspire plenty of smiles. All you need to complete this simple costume is a little blue dress, red boots, and rainbow leg and arm warmers. Put your hair up in a cute ponytail, add a bow and you’re done! 

Halloween is about having fun. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your costume to make it more unique. Choosing a movie character doesn’t mean that you have to stick to the script. Take your costume in whatever direction you like, and above all else, be sure to stay safe and have a great time on Halloween night.

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