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When it comes to Halloween, there are a several categories of costumes that make the rounds. There is basic Halloween fare, such as witches and ghosts; there are “adult costumes,” intended to be sexy rather than scary; and there are novelty costumes. Novelty costumes can run the gamut from video game characters to dressing like someone’s Uncle Bob, but one of the most interesting and crowd-pleasing novelty costume options is to dress like a funny or favorite movie character. 

For the most part, movie character costumes are instantly recognizable, much like dressing as an animal or a witch. However, unlike those traditional costume choices, themed movie outfits have the added bonus of getting others excited about the look. Everyone knows a monkey when he or she sees one, so there is little interest involved in that type of costume, but when someone is dressed like Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie, other people get a kick out of recognizing the character and appreciating the costume effort. 

If you are looking for a funny movie costume, these are just a few of the interesting comedic options that you should consider this Halloween season:

The Hangover

One of the most popular comedies of the past several years, The Hangover makes the perfect costume options. Dress up as any member of the wolf pack, but one of the most popular is Alan. Throw on a bushy beard, grab a baby and a man purse and get ready to inspire others to have a fun, adult-themed holiday adventure. A tiger is optional.

Wayne’s World

Even if your childhood is not a product of the 1990s, you are most likely to recognize Wayne and Garth of local cable access fame. With just a couple of early ‘90s concert t-shirts, ripped jeans and long hair, you are set to be one of these two crazy guys. Schwing!

Napoleon Dynamite

Another immediately recognizable movie costume option are the cast of this cult classic. Throw on a “Vote for Pedro” t-shirt, cut some bangs and practice your “Canned Heat” dance moves to bring this classic character to life.


You know who will be called if you show up to a Halloween party in a khaki maintenance suit with a handy ghost trap or a proton pack. Get your best friend to wear green, and you have your very own Slimer sidekick, ready to keep all the parties safe from giant marshmallow men.

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