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How do Transformers work? - TVStoreOnline

How do Transformers work?

The way Transformers live and transform is by way of Cybertronian technology, which is light years ahead of human advances. Having its origin at Cybertron, the Transformers’ homeworld, Cybertronian framed all aspects of life for the planet’s inhabitants: energy, life, military strength, and civilization. No one earth fully comprehends the power and capability of cybertronian technology. It is something that dates back to the days of Primus, the creator of all Transformers. As Unicron’s brother, Primus is the origin of Transformers, his body being Cybertron itself.

When a Transformer is made, a piece of the Allspark (the essence and power of all Transformer life) breaks off and attaches itself to the new Transformer, giving him or her life and soul. When a Transformer dies, that spark returns to the Allspark, carrying all of that Transformer’s thoughts and memories with it. It is also a Transformer’s spark that allow him or her to live, transform, fight, and otherwise function, much like the life that a human being has.

Cybertronian technology will always remain a mystery to us humans. Yes, we may be able to use parts of it to replicate some of the technology’s products, but just as dolphins will never fully grasp the concept of an internal combustible engine (which we humans use everyday), the human race will always be a couple steps behind Cybertron’s advanced technology.

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