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How does Galvatron look in Transformers 4? - TVStoreOnline

How does Galvatron look in Transformers 4?

To be straightup, Galvatron in Transformers 4 looks like a beefier, meaner looking Megatron. This is all well and good, however, there’s one noteworthy thing we must mention. In this new installment of Transformers, Galvatron is somewhat different than the original Galvatron. You see, the original Galvatron is borne from a tacit agreement between Unicron and Megatron. After getting their metal rear sides kicked around by the heroic Autobots, Unicron comes across a beaten up Megatron and his unconscious Decepicon minions in outer space. Unicron persuades a reluctant Megatron to terms involving Unicron restoring Megatron’s robot body (as well as those of his subordinate Deceptions cohorts) and in return, Megatron serving Unicron’s agenda.

Megatron begrudgingly agrees, and Unicron, keeping his end of the bargain, uses his massive powers to give the Decepticon leader and his followers a new lease on their mangled, damaged frames. And so there you have it - Galvatron is the new, stronger, badder, improved version of Megatron. And it makes him a little more insane (than he already was). The new movie, however, has Galvatron being the finished product of human reverse-engineering; the people of earth gather up the bits and pieces of Megatron, and make: Galvatron. Let’s watch how this unfolds in the upcoming film.

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