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How Many X-Men Movies are there? - TVStoreOnline

There have been a total of 6 X-Men movies that have been released to date. That said, there is another one on the horizon.

The first X-Men movie was simply titled X-Men and it was released in 2000. In this one, Wolverine and Rogue were introduced into the conflict that was between the X-Men led by Professor Xavier and the Brotherhood of Mutants led by Magneto.

The second film followed in 2003 and was titled X2: X-Men United. In this one Magneto has been captured and is brainwashed by Colonel William Stryker who then proceeds to question Magneto about where the mutant locating machine is that Professor Xavier has control of. Stryker then attacks, captures and brainwashes Professor X so that he can locate every single mutant and eradicate them.

2006 saw the release of the third installment, X-Men: The Last Stand. With this installment we see wolverine resurrect the Phoenix, Jean Grey. He does this so that she can help in the fight against the pharmaceutical company that developed an antidote to the gene that produces mutants. The Phoenix can’t be controlled and she kills both Cyclops and Professor X before Wolverine finally decides that she must be stopped.

There wasn’t another X-Men movie until 2011 when X-Men: First Class was released. This one was actually a prequel that was set in 1962 and focused on Charles Xavier and on Erik Lensherr. These were the men who would lead the X-Men and the Brotherhood in the future. It also involved showing how each group originated.

In 2013, The Wolverine was released. This movie focused only on the Wolverine and the time period was after X-Men: The Last Stand. The story line of this particular movie has the Wolverine traveling to Japan to reunite with a Japanese soldier named Ichiro Yashida. The Wolverine had saved this man’s life years before. This time the Wolverine helps him by defending Ichiro’s granddaughter from all sorts of ninjas and Yakuza assassins.

On May 23, 2014 we will finally get to see the latest in the series. X-Men: Days of Future Past will have the cast from the original X-Men movie and it will feature sending Wolverine to the past. This is so that he can change history and stop an event from happening that will have disastrous results for both mutants and humans.

Those are the films to date. In the future we will see X-Men: Apocalypse in 2016, a sequel to The Wolverine in 2017, X-Force doesn’t have a projected date yet and neither does Deadpool but both of those are in development.

For those die-hard X-Men fans, don’t worry. It seems like for the next 10 years you will always have another installment on the horizon.

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