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Dr. Seuss has been a household name for decades. Dr. Seuss has created quite a large collection of children’s books. Many of these books are quite entertaining and they hold a much deeper meaning that most people are aware of.

Seuss Geisel is the creator of Dr. Seuss. In addition, Geisel did most of his own illustrations for his many books and publications. One of the most popular and most celebrated works of Dr. Seuss is the book “Green Eggs and Ham”. This publication has been a favorite of children for many years.

What many people do not know is that Geisel wrote many of these books based on his experiences as a child as well as his later years. Seuss Geisel lived through wars, the great depression, and other historical events.

Geisel wrote many of these books to reflect the imagination of the child. Most children think of kind thoughts, happy times, and exciting events. Geisel in a way was seeking a form of escape from the unrest and difficulties that many faced during the time of war and unrest.

All of Dr. Seuss publications have a happy and pleasant ending. This is why most children enjoy reading Dr. Seuss. Life would be a much happier place if everything ended happily. These publications can make it seem as if all problems of every day are virtually non-existent.

Nearly all of Geisel’s books reflect his days growing up and living in Springfield Mass. For example, “Mirror in Watercourses” makes reference to Springfield Park. Springfield Park is a place that Geisel frequented during his youth. This seemed to provide a perfect setting for much of his later work.

“To Think I saw it on Mulberry Street” was one of Seuss more popular publications. This publication is filled with imagery from Springfield. A great deal of Geisel’s publications was inspired by his early life as well as his many experiences which shaped his life.

One of Geisel famous sayings was “there are places to go” “there are points to be scored”. Many of these sayings in addition to his books gave great inspiration to countless people. The publications not only added humor to a situation but it also helped children and adults to not take life so seriously. Generally, there are much deeper meanings behind the works of Geisel. He was able to take all his knowledge and experiences into account while creating some of his best works. It’s impossible to ever forget Dr. Seuss and his wonderful contributions.

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