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How to Draw Spiderman Step by Step | Spiderman Facts

When you are trying to draw Spiderman, you may need some instructions. Here they are:

  1. Start your drawing by sketching a series of circles and other shapes to form whatever action stance you want your Spiderman to have. Start with the head and then add some facial guidelines. Next sketch out the torso shape and then add guidelines for the arms and legs. Use circles for joints like hands and feet.
  2. You will now want to start sketching out the legs, arms, face and hands. Move to his body and remember that he has a very lean and muscular body type.
  3. Draw a line coming from Spidey’s hand to make a web. After that you can move on to draw the shapes of his eyes and chest as well as the shape that his legs will take. Put details into the palm of the left hand.
  4. Draw the web in more detail and thicken it. Add some color around his eyes. Start adding detail and definition to his body.
  5. This is the hard part. Start drawing the lines in for his costume. He has lines on his face and all the way down his body to his boots which stop just below the knee. While the lines may seem simple at first you will find that they take time and care in order to come out right.
  6. Color him in.

That is it, that is all there is to drawing Spiderman.

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