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Rocky vs Hulk Hogan - A Rocky Movie Rematch

I would like a rematch of Thunderlips, aka Hulk Hogan versus Rocky Balboa. They sparred in a charity match and it was full of fun and antics. Rocky Balboa is seen as an invincible man. He has the heart of a fighter and never gives up. Thunderlips is an aggressive wrestler and outweighs Balboa a great deal. He also has the ability to pick Rocky up and hurl him across the ring.

I think that the rematch could come about in an organic way. Both men would be around the same age. They could decide to have a rematch as a way to prove if boxers are stronger than wrestlers. The two men could be getting up there in age and both want to have another headline match with each other.

One part of sports that needs to be touched on more is when an athlete finally decides that it’s time to pull the plug and hand the reins over to someone else. The two men could finally come to grips with the fact that their bodies will no longer carry them through the tough matches that they wish to compete in.

Thunderlips is a wrestler who loves attention, especially from women. He thrives on being booed and he likes when the crowd shows hatred towards him. Rocky takes public opinion seriously so when the two meet, there is bound to be drama. This would be an incredible rematch.

I would like to see Tony being Rocky's new manager. He helped Apollo Creed during his career. No one can take the place of his former trainer, Mickey but it would be nice to see the two be able to come together for one final match. Rocky always puts a lot of time both mentally and physically into training for a fight. This fight would make him have to change up his routine so he would have to learn to wrestle as well.

Rocky needs to branch out a bit so that people can see that he is multi-faceted. This rematch would challenge him in every way possible and would give viewers a great show.

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