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So You Want to Throw a Rad 90's Party? - TVStoreOnline

Remember the 90’s?

The 90’s were a generally awesome period. The economy boomed, we saw the rise of lots of new music from Nirvana to Britney Spears, and classic movies/shows invaded our not-yet flat screen TV’s like Clueless,  Wayne’s World, and the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. Hell, the 90’s for good or bad, even brought us Pokemon. It’s natural that we would get nostalgic for what was in many ways, a better time. Here we’re going to go over some ways to celebrate the 90’s in all of its glory.

Mighty Morphin’ Memories…

First, let’s get to the big stuff—the costumes. The 90’s brought us many iconic fashion styles from the flannel of grunge, MC Hammer’s parachute pants, and let’s not forget the school girl outfit that Britney Spears shimmied into our hearts with in the late 90’s. People could also go as classic TV and movie characters. It wouldn’t be a 90’s party without some people looking like they came off of the set of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air doing the Carlton. It would also be a great time to bust out the scrunchies, denim, and neon, and then suddenly you’re looking like you came out of Clueless or  Saved by the Bell. I also have to admit that I would be a little disappointed if there wasn’t at least one power ranger there. I’m just saying, what little boy in the 90’s wasn’t obsessed with the red and green rangers? And which didn’t have the pink ranger as their first crush?

CD’s used to be more than Certificates of Deposits

Secondly, let’s tackle music. It would pretty much have to be coming out of a CD player. It’d cheapen the whole thing to have it coming out of someone’s phone that invariably is more powerful than the computers of the time. That CD player should stick to 90’s pop and hip-hop. I’m a big grunge fan, but let’s be honest and admit to ourselves that nothing kills a mood like an Alice in Chains ode to heroin abuse.

Rewinding to the 90’s movie era

Thirdly, if you want to have movies playing, bust out the old VHS player and dust off those tapes. The 90’s brought us classic movies like Independence Day, Austin Powers, Wayne’s World, and Clueless. It’s always awesome to go back and revisit them. They are classics for a reason, so whether you’re having a 90’s party or not, go watch them. Now.

Goldeneye: The Golden Age when multiplayer meant playing in the same room

Lastly, let’s talk about games/contests. Costume contests would be cool, and maybe offering a replica of the Agro Crag from Nickelodeon’s awesome 90’s show Guts would make for a great prize. If you’re looking for some games, then you should hook up the old  Nintendo 64 and play some Mario Kart or Goldeneye, or you could always break out Twister. The 90’s were a great time period, and because of that, the possibilities for a rad party are pretty endless. Hopefully this gave you all some good ideas.

90's party