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Television is big business in our country. Millions of Americans sit down every night expecting a break from the daily grind. They want to be entertained. They want to laugh, cry, shout and become engrossed in the story. Viewers are always looking for interesting new shows. A large budget doesn't necessarily mean that the show will be super successful. Many big budget shows have failed miserably. In fact, a growing number of lower budget television shows are gaining increasing numbers of viewers and for some are creating a huge fan base.

A great example of a very low budget show gaining great success is the classic television series Dr. Who. In the beginning, Dr. Who episodes were created on a shoestring budget. Some of the villains were even made of everyday household items to try to save money. Today, more than ever, the show's success is at an iconic status and continues to gain new fans at time goes on. The show has been running since the 1960's. Other notable low-budget sci-fi success stories include The Outer Limits, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, Red Dwarf, and Babylon 5. Not just sci-fi shows gain popularity on a budget, shows like cable television channel MTV had huge hits with ultra-low budget shows such as Beavis andButthead, and Wayne's World. They rocketed to huge success and became a household name. People everywhere were glued to their television to see what these comical and quirky characters were up to next.

The thing that most of these shows had in common was creativity. They offered fresh ideas when viewers were getting bored with the traditional offerings from large budget shows. The episodes had a new approach and fun, unique writing. Whether the characters were animated or real, they offered something different and original. That is precisely what audiences want. They want something new and exciting. Something that has not been overdone by other shows. They want a cast whose faces haven't been seen in tons of productions. Fresh faces attract viewers especially if their characters have substance and offer unique characteristics. Low budget characters seem to have more of a variety of personality that large budget shows tend to shy away from for fear that mainstream culture will frown upon them. Shows on a low budget seem to take more chances and use more creative freedom.

More and more low budget films have the potential to rake in huge earnings and attract large audiences. Not all low budget shows will have success, but for a select few with the right qualities, they will go from rags to riches. All a show really needs to make it big is a great story line, interesting characters, and fresh ideas.

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