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Do you appreciate high quality TV production? If you do, then you‘ll realize that some of the best shows in history not only had the best directors and producers, but also had the best stars. Most of these shows have had acting duos that’ve been favorites among a TV show’s audience. With that said, we countdown the Top 5 TV Duos of All-Time.

TV Duo #5: Laverne De Fazio & Shirley Feeney - Laverne and Shirley
The female odd couple started their acting career in the 1950s with a little help from their neighbors, Squiggy and Lenny. Their impact on comedy created some of the most remarkable TV moments in history. What really made the duo stick out was the Laverne and Shirley show that ran on ABC from January 27, 1976, to May 10, 1983. It was a spin-off from the show `Happy days`. Due to its popularity, it became the second most watched show in America after its 2nd season. The show had a very exhilarating theme song at the beginning of the show. Nobody can forget Laverne and Shirley sing the theme song while hopping in the middle of the street. It always captivated its audiences. The theme song was released as a single and rose to become a top 30 American hit in 1976. This made the two actors, even more, popular.

TV Duo #4: Fred & Barney - The Flintstones
The hit show `The Flintstones` became a really great hit in 1960. Who can overlook the quote `Yabba Dabba doo!` by Fred Flintstone? The quote was nonetheless originally stated as `Yabba Dabba cough`. Anyway, the show was used to advertise Winston cigarettes, dove, and Kentucky fried chicken. Fred and Barney were the main stars of the show with Wilma and Betty as their respective wives. The Flintstones had a daughter, Pebbles, and a dinosaur that acted like a dog, Dino while the Rubbles had an adopted son Bamm-Bamm. What made the show shine in the 60s is its setting in the Stone Age. The show depicted Stone Age technology and names of places were changed to sounds like rocks and minerals, for instance, Mexico was called Mexirock. Fred and Barney steered the show to great heights by their gag quotes. These 2 guys were best of friends and their chemistry to together can be described as simply uncanny, even for a cartoon series.

TV Duo #3: Corey & Shawn - Boy Meets World
Corey and Shawn brought out some of the best bromance moments in their hit TV series ~Boy Meets World`. Whatever came their way, they always had each other’s backs. Shawn was the only one that could cheer Corey up. There are so many instances with the two, like Corey is seen to try to bring Shawn and his girlfriend Angela together when Angela tries to break up with Shawn, that we cannot even begin to count. The 90s show became popular due to the endearing friendship depicted by Corey and Shawn in middle school, high school and even into college. The lessons they’ve learned along the way made their friendship seem more like they were brothers in a way. And that’s why they’re on this list.

TV Duo #2: Beavis & Butt-Head - Beavis and Butt-Head

The 90s animation was designed by Mike Judge. The show was centered on two rock loving teenagers Beavis and Butt-Head who are in 9th grade at Highland High school. They’re socially incompetent and lack respect for each other. The two apparently seem to lack any adult supervision and are quite undereducated. They have no experience with women but are very obsessed with sex. What’s surprising is that Judge did all the voices in the show except for Daria and Stewart. The show had a lot of idiotic laughter and crude jokes, making it a must watch to its audiences. All the stuff they get into together, along with some of their catch-phrases and just overall chemistry, makes these two, #2 (get it) on this list.

TV Duo #1: Walter White & Jesse Pinkman - Breaking Bad
Jesse Bruce Pinkman and Walter white are the only two actors to appear in every episode of the show. Jesse is seen to have so much loyalty to Walter and as such are stuck to each other to the end. The show hit the roof with ratings since the two always brought out good suspense in every episode. Walter is seen to do some of the most incredible things for those he cares about even though what he does isn’t legal. Although he keeps getting himself in danger, he survives it. Jesse sees him as a father he never had and that explains his loyalty. The two kept their viewers on their toes by twisting every event and creating suspense while cooking up meth.

As you can see, these Top 5 TV duos of all-time changed television history for the better. This is why they became the favorites among their audiences and steered the shows they were in to greater heights.

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