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Popular Movie Shirts

Whether you're looking to make a fashion statement with an iconic  movie shirt that's sure to be a conversation starter or you just want to revel in the joy of wearing a shirt that carries a movie logo that reminds you of one of your favorite movies, Internet stores today offer some of the best collections of  popular movie shirts. Usually made of t-shirt fabric, these movie logo, theme and character shirts come as t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts or long sleeve shirts.

Popular Movie shirts

While there is a long list of movie shirts, either worn by characters in the movie or made for fans, the hardcore fan can always have a movie shirt custom made. Below we list a few of the all time favorites.

The Wizard of Oz

Interestingly, this may be the first time a printed t-shirt appeared in a movie. 1939's  The Wizard of Oz has a seen where a few of its characters in Emerald City are wearing t-shirts with the word "Oz" printed on their fronts.

A little trivia: The early 50s is when tees really started to be used as a form of advertising. Before this, they were used as under garments that never really saw the light of day.

The Hangover

If you're among the millions of fans of  The Hangover trilogy, then you'll no doubt want to collect some shirts from the movies either to remind you of fun times or to keep you from ever drinking again. There's also the Treehead t-shirt in the movie. Alan wears it, and it just goes perfectly with this character.


Caddyshack is a hit movie from the early 80's. It is among The American Film Institute's 10 best films's in the sports genre. It cost $6,000,000 to make and grossed over $40,000,000 in the box office alone. Whether you've recently fallen in love with this gem of a movie or it's always been one of your favorites, bring the joy that you get from it full circle with a Caddyshack movie shirt.


If you can relate to Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller in  Dodgeball or you just loved watching this movie because it made you laugh, then you may want the shirt too. There may be well over 100 shirts with this movie logo or depicting a theme or quote from it.

Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite is a true to life movie about two friends who, despite the odds at school and at home, support each other and try to defeat the mean teen who is currently popular at their high school. Get your very own "Vote For Pedro" t-shirt like the one that Napoleon Dynamite wears in the movie or get a shirt with the movie logo or with an image depicting a theme from the movie.

Harley Quinn

She doesn't have her own movie yet, but  Harley Quinn, the supervillainess from the movie Suicide Squad rightfully earned the privilege of being an image worthy of being on a popular movie shirt. Get your shirt today or another shirt from this popular movie that gives some background on the  Quinn character. This good girl gone bad first appeared in an animated episode of Batman in 1992.

The Warriors

The futuristic film  The Warriors, from 1979, was filmed mostly on location in the streets of New York. This movie about gangs coming together to present a united force is still a hit today, and many of the shirts available portray a unique image of gangs and how they dressed and the different ethnicities that came together.

The Big Lebowski

The  Big Lebowski is a movie of mistaken identity that will have you laughing and gripping your seat in turns. Perhaps one of the most memorable shirts in the movie is the one with a drawing of Japanese baseball player Kaoru Betto that the character The Dude, played by Jeff Bridges, wears. It's memorable to many because it's the same one Jeff Bridges wears in his roles in Cold Feet and Fisher King. The shirt also has three Chinese characters on it, which sound something like PU Ti Shu when read and mean Bhodi Tree, fig tree, which refers to the one Buddha is said to have achieved enlightenment under. Other shirts for this movie include those with slogans such as "Times Like These", "Vitruvian", "Calmer Than You Are", "World of Pain" and "Urban Achievers".

Batman Returns

Catwoman fans can get the cool tee Selina Kyle "Catwoman" designed in  the movie. During her transformation, in a fit of rage, she takes a delightful pink t-shirt with adorable cats on it and graffitis it with a can of black spray paint.

Popular movie shirts come in a wide range of prices, and it's often based on the quality of the fabric and the quality of the printing ink used. You will also pay more for raised lettering and images. There are times too when stores have end-of-stock sales, so watch out for those. 

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